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How many soldiers sailed in a greek bireme or trireme?

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16, 2 archers 14 Hoplites

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A greek navy ship?

The earliest Greek warship was known as a Pentecounter, with fifty oarsmen. Then came the Bireme with 100 oarsmen. Lastly, the Trireme with 170 oarsmen.

What was the greek warship called?


What were Greek warships called?

A Trireme

How many sails does a greek bireme have?

The Greek Bireme had only one sail. It's singular sail was a very large square used to catch all the air that it can. For more information go to

What does trireme mean in ancient Greece time?

Trireme in ancient Greek times literally meant "three rower." It was a ship used by ancient Greek, Roman, and Phoenecians.

What was an ancient Greek warship called?

Ancient Greek warships were called Pentekontors or they could be called Trireme

Why did Ancient Greek refuse to eat a trireme?

The trireme is a class of warship used by the ancient civilizationsI think it would be very odd to eat such a ship, don't you?

What is a Greek Trireme?

A large ancient warship that was powered by both sails and oars.

When was the greek trireme made?

Their origin is unknown, but they were common in Greece by the 8th Century BCE.

Did Greek soldiers have to be a Greek citizen?

Greek soldiers had to be strictly Greek citizens and had to be of Greek religion.

What is the name of a Greek ship with three banks of oars on each side?

Name of Greek ship with three banks of oars is - TRIREME

Who used the trireme ship?

It was a Greek Design that the Romans closely followed with their ship building efforts.

What did greek soldiers do for training?

How Did Greek soldiers get trained

What were greek soldiers called?

Soldiers... or in greek, Στρατιώτες.

What is the size of bireme greek warship?

about 80 feet (24 metres) long with a maximum beam length of around 10 feet (3 meters)

How did the Greek's get inside Troy?

According to Homerus' book The Iliad, by constructing a large wooden horse and hiding a goup of soldiers inside it. Then they sailed away, seemingly conceding the failure of their siege. The Trojans then dragged the horse inside Troy as a victory trophy. At night, the Greek soldiers crept out of the horse and opened the gate for their countrymen, who had sailed back under cover of the darkness.

What was the greek trireme built for?

A trireme was a Greek warship of the period from about 300 BCE to 1300 AD. It was rowed by three banks of oarsmen and was generally equipped with a ram, which is a submerged spike. The ship would be rowed at maximum speed until the ram hit the enemy ship; the ram would smash a hole into the ship, which might then sink.

What was the Greek Trireme?

A big scary boat with battering rams on the front to sink it's enemies. As I say, very scary! Hope this helps! ;)

What Greek poet wrote about courage and loyalty of soldiers?

Homer was the Greek poet who wrote about the courage and loyalty of soldiers.

Were roman soldiers better than greek soldiers?

Probably not, but there were more of them.

Why is there an eye painted on the front of a Greek trireme?

I believe oculi were painted on the prow to help the ship always find its way home. [citation needed].

What are the names of greek soldiers?


Greek soldiers name?

A hoplite

What is the Greek word for Soldiers?


What is the general goal of Greek soldiers?

Survive to win; the same as all soldiers.

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