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Before the Pearl Harbor attack there were some 120,000 American soldiers. At the end of the war the USA had about 16 million under arms (most of them reservists); about 4 million Americans were in military action in Europe (against Germany and Italy) and half a million men were in action in the Pacific (against the Japanese).

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Q: How many soldiers were in the American military before Pearl Harbor and how many were there at the end of the war?
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Was the soldiers alarmed before the attack on pearl harbor?

No the soldiers were not expecting the attack it was surprising.

Why was American fleet in Pearl Harbor before bombing?

Pearl Harbor was home to the American 7th Fleet.

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The Boston harbor is the harbor where tea was dumped as a protest before the American Revolution happened.

What was Pearl Harbor like before the bombing?

USA military base............................................

The US remained this before Pearl Harbor?

The US Military has been stationed at Pearl Harbor since 1898. The answer your Teacher is looking for is "Neutral". The US remained NEUTRAL before Pearl Harbor.

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No, not in any military sense anyway.

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What were soldiers doing before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The primary target at Pearl Harbor was the US Navy (Sailors), the US Army (Soldiers) were a secondary target. US Servicemen were just waking up on a Sunday morning, when the attack came.

Was Japan hostile toward the Allies?

Yes: The bombing of Pearl Harbor was unprovoked. And in point of fact Japanese soldiers had already landed on the Malay Peninsula before Pearl Harbor....

US Enter the war Before or after Pearl Harbor?

before Sorry - the US kept out of any military action until after Pearl Harbor, although she certainly had an enormous navy roaming around the seas.

What was the relationship like between the Japanese and the American before the Pearl Harbor?

They were trade partners

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You may be thinking of the Hitler Youth, but very few of them fought as soldiers before reaching military age.

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