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How many soldiers were in the German army in World War 2?

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January 17, 2015 7:02PM

Number of German soldiers serving in WW2

The German defence force was named Wehrmacht. During World War II, the number of soldiers serving in the Nazi Army is said to approach about 18 million, including over 1 million SS (Protection Echelon) [give or take a few thousand].


The peak strength of the German Wehrmacht (the entire military, not just the army) is given by John Keegan's The Times Atlas of the Second World War at about 10,800,000. The most soldiers the German army, the Heer, (not counting Luftwaffe or SS units), had at any one time was about 6,500,000. (The above figure of 18 million may reflect the number of personnel who passed through the ranks of the German military during WWII, but was certainly not the number the Germans could deploy at any one time.)