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How many soldiers were killed in the Civil War?

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All told, roughly 620,000 soldiers were killed during the American Civil War. Many died from combat, and other things such as disease.

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Dysentery killed most soldiers in the Civil War.

During the American Civil War, 365,000 Union soldiers were killed. Another 275,200 Union soldiers were wounded or fell ill during the war.

Approximatel 620,000 soldiers were killed during the American Civil War. There are no accurate figures of the number of civilians killed.

620,000 soldiers were killed during the American Civil War. There are no accurate figures of the number of civilians killed.The Union lost about 360,000 soldiers and the Confederacy lost about 260,000 soldiers.

Approximately 40,000 African American soldiers were killed in the US Civil War. At least 50% or more died from disease.

Illness killed more soldiers than battle.

One was that many,many, many soldiers and innocent people were killed during the war. Approximately 620,000 people were killed. :(

About 600,000 sodiers in the North and South had been killed.

The Civil War was one of the deadliest on record. There were about 620,000 soldiers who died while the war was being fought.

If they weren't killed by soldiers on the opposite side, they were most often killed by their wounds getting infected. Also, many died of dysentary and measles.

How many numbers of Union soldiers killed in the civil war

138,154 battle deaths, 224,097 other deaths

It may be 1000 10000 and more in some wars there are many killed people.

there were 10 blinded soldiers during the civil war

There were many American soldiers that were killed in the Iraq war. This number was in the hundreds and thousands.

Around 625000 soldiers were killed in the American Civil War; over the roughly 4.5 years of combat this amounts to about 380 soldiers per day in total.

Approximately 164,000 Confederate soldier died from battle wounds during the American Civil War.

Around 360,000 Union soldiers died in the Civil War. About 123,000 were killed on the battlefield or died of wounds, and the rest died from disease. Diseases killed two soldiers on both sides for every one the enemy did.

Over 620,000 soldiers died in the US Civil War. Many tens of thousands suffered injuries which were in some cases light injuries to major cases where a limb had to be amputated.

Most experts agree somewhere between 620,000 to 700,000 deaths from the civil war.

It is estimated that 112,260 Confederate and 75,000 Union soldiers were killed in action or died of their wounds in the Civil War. Many more died in prison.

About 908,000 Great British soldiers were killed in WW1

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