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36,000 people fought on the American side of the Revolutionary War

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American Numbers: American Revolution (1775–1783) Total servicemembers 217,000 Battle deaths 4,435 Non mortal woundings 6,188

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Great Bitain and loyalist colonists VS. patriot colonists, France and dutch republic. different native american tribes joined each sides

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over 1000000

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Q: How many soldiers were lost in the revolutionary war?
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How many American Soldiers in Revolutionary War?

There were approximately 25,000 American soldiers that died in the American Revolution. The British lost around 20,000 soldiers during the war.

What did British lose after the Revolutionary War?

they lost some of their soldiers.

How many soldiers were starving during the Revolutionary War?

285,000 Soldiers

What are two reasons that England lost the revolutionary war?

Aid of France to U.S.More strong American soldiers.

How many Revolutionary War lives lost?


How many weapons did the british soldiers use in the revolutionary war?

a lot

How many soldiers did George Washington have during the revolutionary war?

about 30,000 to 50,000 soldiers during the war.

How many men did the British lose in the revolutionary war?

The British lost around 24,000 men during the revolutionary War

Who was in the Revolutionary War?

The American colonies, Britain, and FranceThe Revolutionary War was a thing, not a person. If you would like to know who was IN the Revolutionary War, go to and type the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

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Who had more soldiers in Revolutionary War?