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2000 songs approximately

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at least 9 hundred GB

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Q: How many song does a 12g flash drive hold?
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How many song files can a 32GB flash drive hold?

Around 8,000 average length songs will fit on a 32GB flash drive.

On average how many songs can a USB Stick of 16GBs hold?

A 16GB flash drive can hold quite a few songs. The amount of songs will vary depending on the size of the song. Most MP3 songs are around 3 to 5 MB. That means the average 16GB flash drive will hold over 3,500 songs.

How can you copy a song to your flash drive?

Mainly, drag the song from the program to your desktop (iTunes if on Mac). Then drag that file to your Flash Drive

Can you download songs from a flash drive onto a computer?

Yes, you can download songs from a flash drive onto a computer. Plug in the Flash drive and open the flash drive up and another window to where you want the song to be. Just drag the song from the flash drive to the window you want it to be in, and wait for the transfer to take place.

How do you save music onto a flash drive?

Start by inserting the flash drive into the USB slot. Right click on the music that you want to copy and select the copy option, right click on the flash drive from the file explorer and select the paste option.

How many songs can a 2GB compact flash memory disk hold?

"A 2gb flash memory disk should hold approximately 500 songs. This, of course, could vary depending on factors such as the file size and the song length."

How do you save songs in a USB?

Locate an unused USB port on your computer and plug the flash drive in. Click on "My Computer" and look for your "Removable Disk" folder to make sure the computer is recognizing your USB flash drive. Locate the song in the file you saved it to on the computer. Highlight the song you want to save to your USB flash drive and drag it over to the "Removable Disk" folder. Press the "CTRL" key while dragging the song over to copy it; press the "SHIFT" key while dragging to move the song from one folder to the other. Wait for your song to finishing copying or moving into your USB flash drive folder.

How do you transfer iTunes from a PC to a Mac?

Just copy your Itunes library onto a flash drive, and there you have it. Steps, 1.copy every song off your PC onto a flash drive, 2.insert the flash drive into your mac and put the music files anywhere you want them all, and there you go.

How many hours of music can you store on an 8 GB flash drive?

It depends on the length of the song, but if they were typically all 3:45 and standard 260kbps, you could have about 1,700 songs.

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When was Flash - StΓ©phanie song - created?

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