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An IPad with 64G of memory can hold up to 16,000 songs. However, this number goes down depending on how many other things you have on the iPad taking up memory.

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Q: How many songs can 64 GB of memory hold?
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How many songs can 64 mb hold?


How many songs does 64 gig hold?

64 gigs should hold about 16 thousand songs if each song is 3.5 minutes long.

How many songs does 64 MB hold?

Based on a typical song lasting 3 to 4 minutes, it should hold about 18 to 21 songs.

How many pictures can a 64 MB memory card hold?

it depends how many mb one picture has

How much memory does a PDA typically hold?

The PDA can typically hold between 16 MB to 64 MB of memory.

How many songs can hold on a phone with 64 MB?

i think it would hold a good amount of songs x it really depends how large the song is x tisha x

How much music can a 64 gb iPod hold?

14,000 songs.

How much does a 64 Gb ipod hold?

Up to 14,000 songs!

How many apps and songs can a 6gb iPod hold?

They don't come in 6gb versions. Only 8, 32 and 64. I would recommend 32 or 64.

How do you clean a Nintendo 64 memory card?

Hold start and turn the system on, and the memory card will come up.

What is 64 MB is that a lot of memory How is is that translated into gigabytes?

64 mb is not very much 64 mb = 0,064 gb 64 mb equals about 12 normal songs

How many songs does an ipod touch 64 GB hold?

Definitly,more than 7,000 songs or about 40 hours of non-stop videos.(MORE THAN THAT!!!!!!!)

How many pictures does a 256 MB memory card hold for a sony 14.1 mega pixels camera?

Approx 64 pics

What is the memory limitation for a 32bit DVD as well as a 64bit DVD?

32-bit OS can only hold up to 4GB of memory. 64-bit OS can hold up to 1TB of memory, most motherboards can only hold from 12 to 16GB of memory.

How many songs do Selena Gomez have?


How many songs can be downloaded onto an MP3 player?

It depends on the hard drive (or memory capacity) size of the MP3 player. Of course, songs of different lengths are different sizes, but the average song is about 30 MB. So if your MP3 player can store 1 GB (1000 MB), it can probably hold about 333 songs. This depends on the quality of your MP3 songs. Basically, the higher the quality of your songs, the bigger the files, and hence the less number of songs you can hold in your player. For 128M player, it can hold about 32 songs (128k bit rate). For 256M player, it can hold about 64 songs (128k bit rate). For 512M player, it can hold about 128 songs (128k bit rate). For 1G player, it can hold about 256 songs (128k bit rate).

How many hours of songs can a 4gb iPod Nano hold?

Apple's website quotes ipod nanos holding 1000 songs. This sounds about right because I have a 64 MB mp3 player and it can hold almost 20 songs, so proportionally speaking, this means a 4 GB could hold around 1200 songs. 1000 songs or 3500 pictures

Which digital cameras have the most memory?

Digital cameras usually have external memory cards that can hold many picture files. There are different types of cards with different memory sizes ranging from 2 gb to 64 gb.

How do you clear the Nintendo 64 memory card?

Put the memory card in the first player controller and hold the START button down while you turn the system on. This will access the Memory Manager function of the Nintendo 64 where you can delete some or all of the files on the memory card.

How many memory address can by address by 8085?

64 kb

How do you format a Nintendo 64 memory card?

Put the memory card in the first controller and hold down START when you turn the system on. This lets you access the Memory Manager menu.

How many number of registers and memory cells in a 128 x 4 memory chip?


How do you clean out the memory card for Nintendo 64?

Hold on the START button then turn on ur Nintendo 64 if there is a game cartridge in it. If that doesnt work, use a game like Pokemon Stadium that has an option to delete the memory out.

How do you erase the memory card on Nintendo 64?

hold in the start button when you boot up your n64 until the game has loaded, and it has to be a game with memory card compatability.

How many songs can fit on a 64 GB?

You can fit over 10,000 songs on a 64 GB iPod Touch. This includes videos, pictures, and games.