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Usually MP4's are about 1 hour per gigabyte. The last person to post an answer accidentally talked about MP3's. MP4's are about a gigabyte an hour, but if you increase the quality of the image, the space it takes will increase.

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How much songs a mp4 can hold?

it depends on how many gigabytes or megabytes you have.

How many songs does the 2.0GB delstar mp4 player hold?

approx. 400

How many songs do a 8GB of memory hold?

It depends entirely upon the length of the song and its format (.mp3 or .mp4). Usually, it holds around 2,000 songs.

Where can you download Indian Mp4 songs?

Latest Download Indian Mp4 Songs.

How do you get songs from iTunes and put it on your mp4?

Purchase songs from iTunes store to get them. Remove its protection and then transfer to MP4.

How do you transfer songs from a CD to an MP4?

Upload the songs on the computer, make a playlist, and download it onto the MP4 player

Could someone explain to me what a mp4 is?

An mp3 player is only able to hold songs or music. An mp4 is able to hold not only music but video files as well. So it just has some more features than a mp3 player does.

What is the difference between songs and mp3 files?

mp3 is a format or type of songs there are many formats like mp4 ,midi etc

How do you put songs in your mp4 player?


How can you transfer songs to a mp4 player?


How do you take songs off your MP4?

The steps are different for every MP4 player. You have to specify which one you have.

How do you upload videos and songs to an MP4?

First, you need to install a video converter to be able to upload videos or songs to an mp4. Mp4 format is mainly suitable for multimedia purposes such as video and audio file players.

How do you put songs that you've downloaded off itunes onto your mp4 player?

The songs must be DRM free. You will need to use a third-party program to convert AAC to MP3 or MP4. Once converted, the songs will play on any MP4 compatible device.

Is an mp4 better than an mp3?

Yes, a MP4 is better than MP3. Reason for this is an MP3 file can only hold audio while an MP4 can hold both audio and video. This means MP3 is more limited and compressed than an MP4 file.

How do you download songs on a mp4 digital audio player?

from bluetooth

From where and how can you download Hindi songs video to MP4?

Lovely song

Where can you download mp4 mappila songs as free?

I want to malayalam mapila songs free down load

Wherer can you download free mp4 songs?

Try Limewire or Frostwire

What is an MP4 player?

An mp4 player is a electric divice that plays songs and is a higher editon of the mp3 player it will only work if you have head phones

What MP3 player can hold roughly 1176 albums or about 21168 songs?

Not many at the moment. The 80gb Ipod will store around 20,000 tracks.If that is not enough, try looking at some of the mp4 players on the market, as they sometimes have over 120gb of storage

How many songs can fit on a 2gb mp4?

ii thiink a 100.. sorry ii miised out a zero..ii mean 1000..

How much songs dose a 4gb mp4 hold?

it depends on the file size of your songs, pictures, movies. the average file size for a song is 4mb and since there are about 1000mb in a gb, your 4gb player can hold around 1000 songs. the average file size for a full length movie is usually 700mb but can change drastically depending on how high or low the video quality which youre willing to tolerate is. So at about 700mb per movie your 4gb player will hold around 5 movies at a time with about enough room left over for 125 songs. these are all rough/average estimates but should give you a general idea of how much you can fit into an mp4

Can Amazon Kindle hold mp4 music?

It can hold the files, but it cannot play them. It only plays mp3s.

What to do if iTunes doesn't recognize your MP4 player?

iTunes will only directly support the iPod or iPhone. You can, however, drag songs from iTunes into a My Computer window, so if you have your MP4 Player mounted (i.e. plugged in and double clicked in My Computer) then you can just select and drag the songs directly from iTunes onto your MP4 Player.

Does your mp4 touch hold apps?

no it only gets 1 game.