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Based on a typical song lasting 3 to 4 minutes, it should hold about 18 to 21 songs.

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How many songs can 64 mb hold?


How many songs can hold on a phone with 64 MB?

i think it would hold a good amount of songs x it really depends how large the song is x tisha x

How many megabytes can hold 500 songs?

Saying that the average song is about 5.0 megabytes, it would take about 2,500 megabytes to hold 500 songs.

What is 64 MB is that a lot of memory How is is that translated into gigabytes?

64 mb is not very much 64 mb = 0,064 gb 64 mb equals about 12 normal songs

How many pictures can a 64 MB memory card hold?

it depends how many mb one picture has

How many songs does a zune hold?

Depends on how many megabytes its got

How many songs can 36.374 mb hold?

About 5 or 6 decent quality songs.

How many songs can 40 MB hold?

Wouldn't you like to know.

How many songs can a 250 MB memory card hold?


How much songs a mp4 can hold?

it depends on how many gigabytes or megabytes you have.

How many songs can hold onto a 26.1 MB?

depending on the songs, anywhere from 5 to 10

How many songs can a megabyte hold?

Most songs take up about 5-8 MB (megabytes). Perhaps what you are thinking of is a gigabyte (1000 MB), which can store about 125-200 songs, depending on song length and audio quality.

How many songs can you gb hold?

1 GB is an equivalent of 1024 MB. Assuming each audio song is 6 MB, 1 GB can hold up to 170 songs.

At 10 megabytes a song how many songs will a 100 gigabytes hold?

Since 1 GB = 1,000 MB, 100 GB = 100,000 MB. 100,000 MB divided by 10 MB / song = 10,000 songs.

How many songs can a 32 GB Zune HD hold?

Considering that each song is an average of 3 MB, and a GB is 1000 MB, so 32 GB of space will hold around 10,000 3 MB songs.

How many songs can a 942 mb hold?

One song usually takes up about 6 megabytes. This means that 942 mb can hold around 157 songs. This is on average, longer songs may take up more space, while shorter songs take up less.

How Many Music Can 32 MB Hold?

It is about 1 Mb per minute. Now you can figure it out by the lengths of the songs.

How many songs can a 700 MB CD hold?

15 to 18 songs. This CD is 80 minutes.

How many songs does an LG Chocolate phone hold with 512 MB?

about 125

How many songs does an LG Chocolate phone hold with 256 MB?


How many songs can 1024 megabytes hold?

About 275, depending on the song size.

How many songs can fit on a 64 Gigabyte iPod Touch?

The average iTunes song is around 8 megabytes, so about 8,192 songs can fit on 64 gigabytes.

How many KB can a 64 MB jump drive hold?

65 536 Kilobytes

How many songs can16gb hold?

1 song is about 5 mb 1 gigabyte is 1000 megabytes 16000/5 = 3200 So a 16 gb mp3-player can hold about 3200 songs.

How many megabytes are in a 64 gigabytes?

There are 65,536 megabytes in 64 gigabytes.

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