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Right now, I am pretty sure there are 18 songs. There might be more. 10 in their first album, and 8 others. They will probably make a new album after they are done touring.

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Who writes the songs for metro station?

mostly mason.

What music genre is metro station?

Metro station's songs are considered to be in the alternative rock genre.

What are some songs that use the name Hannah?

dear Hannah by metro station! (:

What has the author Metro Station written?

Metro Station has written: 'Metro Station'

Who writes the Metro Station songs?

They all write the songs I think the one that writes the most is Mason Musso.

How many cds did metro station?

One titled Metro Station, a Control EP and a Kelsey EP

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What two songs did mason write for metro station?

One of them was kelsey not sure of the other one.

What songs does Miley Cyrus have in her iPod?

miley says she loves 'the killers' 'nirvana' 'metro station'

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What kind of songs do you put on a demo CD?

Selena Gomez,jonas brothers,metro station and more

Do you love Metro Station?

i love metro station theyre music is so beautiful and awesome! Metro Station Rocks!!!!!:D

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Are metro station a Christian Band?

No, Metro Station is not a Christian band.

How many albums does metro station have?

at the moment one

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