How many songs does the iTunes store have?

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As of February 5th, 2010, Apple reported the App store as having 12 million songs. This announcement was in connection with their announcing their 10 billionth download.
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How many songs can be stored on an iPhone?

iPhone 2G . 4GB = about 1,500 songs*. 8GB = about 2,000 songs*. iPhone 3G . 8GB = about 2,500 songs*. 16GB = about 5,000 songs . With no other data stored . Estimated numbers assume you have a Mac-formatted iPhone. Windows cannot hold as much. Windows-formatted iPhone's will store appro ( Full Answer )

How many songs can be stored on a 512 card?

Answer . The formatted capacity of a 512MB card will be around 480MB. If you are trying to store MP3 songs, assuming that average song is 4MB, you can store around 120 songs. - Neeraj

How do you get songs on iTunes?

First you need an iPod. Download iTunes on your computer if you don't have it.(Go to Hook your iPod up to your computer and ya!

How many songs can you store in 256mb?

An average mp3 song takes 4mbs. Therefore if we take 4mbs into 256mbs, there would be on average 64 songs. This can obviously vary due to the song quality and length.

Should you stay with purchasing songs from itunes store or should i get LimeWire?

Downloading songs from LimeWire is illegal. But, technically LimeWire is not illegal because they are not responsible if you choose to download the file. Recently, with the upgrade to "iTunes Plus", all songs on itunes can be copied about seven times without violating the law. So here's your choice: ( Full Answer )

How many copies of each song do you get on iTunes?

Users can make a maximum of seven CD copies of any particular playlist containing songs in the mp4 file format purchased from the iTunes Store. . Users can access their purchased songs in the mp4 file format on a maximum of five computers. . Songs in the mp4 file format can only be played on a com ( Full Answer )

How do you put songs on an ipod shuffle from itunes without buying from the store?

you need a computer and have to download itunes software and install it on your computer. then you have choices of whether to load cd's you already have onto your computer or download other mp3 files from any available site on the web to put into your itunes library. you do not need to use the itu ( Full Answer )

How do you import songs off of iTunes store onto your ipod?

When you buy a song off the itunes store it automatically goes into your itunes library. Which then goes onto your ipod when you connect it. You can use limewire to get free songs. Its only illegal if you try to sell the music. Limewire is free to download and you can search you favorite music and d ( Full Answer )

How many MB is a song on iTunes?

It depends on the length of the song.. when viewing the store in iTunes, right-click a column and turn on the Size column.

How many songs can you store in a 4gb?

hmmm correct me if I'm wrong i think that the 4 gb can hold about 1000 songs because the 8 gb can hold 2000 hope this helps

How do you get on to the store on iTunes?

On the left, there is a big bar that shows a lot of choices to select, like music and playlists. iTunes Store has a green shopping bag on its icon, and right below it is the purchased playlist.

Is There An iTunes Store?

Yes, but you must first download iTunes in order to have access to the store.

Can you access the iTunes Store without iTunes?

Yes, you can, in fact. Just go to Then click 'iTunes', but it will only allow previews, and then will link you to iTunes, which you may have to download if you do not have it. Otherwise no. In fact, due to a recent update, even those with earlier versions of iTunes cannot access the s ( Full Answer )

How do you find how many songs you have on iTunes?

To find the number of songs stored in iTunes click on the Music library (usually at the top of the left hand pane) and details will be given along the bottom of the iTunes window - How many songs, how long to listen to them all, and the amount of space used to store them. If you click on the text i ( Full Answer )

How do you get songs from iTunes?

1. Open iTunes. 2. Create an account. 3. Go to the iTunes store. 4. Search for the songs you want. 5. Click "buy" 6. Enjoy your music. OR 1. Find the song you want on you're computer. 2. Right click it and got to "open with... iTunes." 3. Enjoy your music.

How do i store songs in my ipod though iTunes?

once you have purchesed some songs on iTunes, hook up your iPod to your computer. Then open up iTunes. when it recognizes your iPod, click it. (it should be on the lower left side of the screen.) then click the "snyc" button which should be on the lower right corner.

How can you find out how many songs you have got on your iTunes?

Highlight the Music library (top left) and in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the iTunes window it will tell you how many songs are in the library and how long it will take to play them all. If you click on the text it will tell you exactly how long you will need to listen to them in Days:Hou ( Full Answer )

How can you add the explicit sign to a song not downloaded from the itunes store?

iTunes does not let you edit the tag itself. In addition, .mp3 files do not support the tag in their metadata, so it is impossible to add the tag to an .mp3 file. There is, however, a way to add the tag. **Be aware that you can lose some sound quality and some album art or other metadata in thi ( Full Answer )

How do you fix going to the iTunes store when in iTunes?

This is a relatively simple fix. If you exit out of iTunes when you are in the iTunes Store, it will automatically open up into the iTunes Store when you open iTunes again. If you leave it on the music tab, it will open up to the Music tab when you open iTunes again.

How many songs can you get on itunes for 50 dollars?

It depends on the popularity of the song. The more popular it is, the more it costs, and vice versa. There are three possible prices: $0.69, $0.99, and $1.29, with $0.69 being some of the least popular songs and $1.29 being among the most popular songs. . You can get 72 songs that cost $0.69 ea ( Full Answer )

How do you get your store iTunes password off of iTunes?

click on 'Forgot Password?' next to the place where you type in your password. After you verify your email, you have a choice of getting an email authentication, or you can answers a security question (one that you made up when you first set up the account)

Why can't iTunes connect to the iTunes store?

When itunes can't connect to itunes store there can be a multitude of problems, but mainly, it might have to do with your internet. The problem can be that your internet is down and can access itunes store. Or the problem can be that itunes is down at the moment in your location. lots of reasons, bu ( Full Answer )

How many apps in iTunes App Store?

At the end of October 2010, there were more than 300,000 apps officially available in the App Store. See the link below for more information on the app store including a nice table of how many apps were in the app store at given dates

How many songs can a MacBook have in iTunes?

The number of files is limited by disk size and the file sizes. iTunes can stream from files up to 4GB. Basically, The larger your hard drive, the more songs you can store there. But iTunes can link to external hard drives and USB Flashdrives at the same time, so if you have external drives and a hu ( Full Answer )

How do I take a song that I bought from the iTunes store off my iPhone?

sync your iphone to your itunes then select transfer purchases to my pc when itunes asks you then once thats happened you will want to go to the itunes directory where your music is found which is usually Music folder then itunes or depending on your operating system you may want to go to program fi ( Full Answer )