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How many songs have Frankie Jonas wrote?


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Frankie Jonas doesn't wrote any songs

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Joe Jonas wrote a song called " My girl" But he is not famous for it. He also wrote many other songs too.

Frankie Jonas was born on the 28th of September 2000 he is 8 yeas old

he wrote SOS and A Little Bit Longer by himself.

Frankie Jonas has many nicknames. some of the most popular nicknames for Frankie is frank the tank and bonas Jonas.

Four. Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Frankie Jonas.

(3) joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Frankie

(3) nick Jonas,Kevin Jonas, and Frankie

(3) nick Jonas,joe Jonas,and Frankie

He has 3 Kevin, Joe and his younger brother Frankie Jonas.

The Jonas Brother have written over 65 songs. Many of their songs were written in collaboration, while a number were written by Nick Jonas himself.

Three. 1. Joe Adam Jonas 2. Paul Kevin Jonas 3. Frankie Jonas

I believe on Jonas their is 3 songs but I know their is probley gonna be more in the furture!

4 Joe,Nick,Kevin and Frankie

He has three: Joe, Nick, and Frankie.

The Jonas siblings include Frankie, Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas. Obviously making them have 4 altogether.

There are 3 members of the band; Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. They have a younger brother, though, Frankie "Bonus Jonas".

No she didn't. People think that she wrote 'I won't apologize' for Nick but apparently she wrote that about another guy in Texas. There are many rumors about some of Nick Jonas' songs were written for/ about Selena Gomez though.

ALL of Taylor Swift's songs were written by her

She has about 32 songs

The Jonas Brothers - Nick, Kevin & Joe, have one younger brother called Frankie Jonas. He is sometimes referred to as the 'Bonus Jonas'.

In the band, 'Jonas Brothers', there are three members, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. However, in the Jonas family, there are four. Frankie Jonas is the youngest Jonas Brother at the age of nine.

3 in the band, but then there's Frankie, but he's not in the band.

Four: Kevin, Joe, Nick & Frankie.

There are 4 brothers: Frankie, also known as , "The Bonus Jonas." Nick. Joe. Kevin.

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