How many speak English in India?

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I've seen estimates ranging from 100 million to 350 million (out of a population of 1.1 billion). The 100 million figure is probably for people who can speak fluently and close to the level of a native speaker.

An estimated 4% of the Indian population use English; for the last date I have official data, in the 1981 census, 202,400 persons (0.3 percent of the population) gave English as their first language. Fewer than 1 percent gave English as their second language while 14 percent were reported as bilingual in two of India's many languages. However, the census did not allow for recording more than one second language and is suspected of having significantly underrepresented bilingualism and multilingualism.
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How many people in the world can speak English?

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, but notwith the most native speakers; Mandarin is. English has over 2billion speakers, and only about 400 million native speakers. Answer: It is very difficult to establish the number of people in the worldwho can speak English. If English l ( Full Answer )

How many countries speak English?

usa and england and south africa and canada and russia and france and italy and ghana and austrialia and korea and poland and netherlands and japan and china and argentina and india and columbia and venezuela and indonisia and new zealand and scotland and wales and brazil and paraguay and belgium an ( Full Answer )

How many people speak English in India?

Over 100 million people in India speak in English. Recent studies revealed that about 86 million Indians reportedEnglish as their second language while about 39 million Indiansreported English as their third language. Yes!

How many people speak English?

Anywhere from 500 million to 1.8 billion people in the world speakEnglish, depending on what you count as being able to speak alanguage. About 300 to 400 million of those speak it as a first language,with an additional 200 to 1,400 million speaking it as a secondlanguage.

How many people speak English English and American English?

American English is more popular. Maybe if you combine India and Britain, you have more British Speakers, but American English is still more popular. In fact, English evolves like everything. From British we moved west to California, the last Frontier in the English Language. From here, we move o ( Full Answer )

How many people in Canada can speak English?

Answer . According to the 2006 census, 67% of Canadians speak English at home as their first language. Most Canadians, however, can speak English even if it is not their first language as it is so prevalent, save in the province of Quebec which wishes to retain its French heritage.

How many people in Germany speaks English?

On the whole the standard of English spoken by German native-speakers is high. (In areas very close to the French border it is sometimes lower).

How many people speak some English?

There are no clear statistics available to measure the number of people who speak "some" of a language, but there are some estimates avaible, which say that it's about 1 billion people.

How many people in Nigeria speak English?

In Nigeria the official language is English, so it would be acceptable to assume that all 148,000,000 Nigerians speak English Source :-

How many people speak English in Ireland?

In Ireland, 98% of the population speaks English. Both English andIrish are official languages, but although Irish is the firstofficial language, only 1% of the population can speak Irishfluently. Almost everyone speaks English as a primary language, those that don't can still understand English.

How many Italians speak English?

Only the Italians who have studied English can speak English. The degree of their mastery of the English language varies a lot.

How many Swedes speak English as a percentage?

The vast++ majority of native-born Swedes under age 45/50 speak English. I cannot comment on immigrant Swedes. All of this to say that one will have little problem being understood in English when visiting Sweden.

How many people speak English in Bangkok?

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the most populated city inthe country. Since it is a city known for its great touristic andcommercial appeal, it is no surprise that almost everyone, evenfood vendors from non-commercial districts know enough English tomake their most basic transactions.

How many people speak English in Egypt?

Probably a few million can speak basic words and phrases, but if you are looking for someone who can have a conversation in English, there are only a hundred-thousand Egyptians who can fluently converse in English.

How many people speak English today?

According to an internet search, about 1.5 billion people in theworld speak English. Of those, about 375 million use English astheir native tongue.

How do you speak English so fast in India?

rate of speech(no of words spoken/min.) is generally higher for indians,as compared to britishers. it can probably be attributed to their native languages and accents.although speaking fast dosent ensure speaking correct english.

Why do so many people speak English?

The main reason a large number of people speak English is the former widespread reach of the British Empire. India, Australia, China, Canada, and the United States were at one time largely or entirely under British control. Thus both native residents and British colonists used English in those areas ( Full Answer )

How many people speak English in Lesotho?

Very many people speak English in Lesotho, as it is one of the two official languages of the country, the other being Sesotho. English is in common use in the country, being the language of government, commerce, education and the judiciary. English is the language used to teach children in primary ( Full Answer )

How many English speaking countries are there in Africa?

English is then official language, or one of the official languages of 16 African countries. They are: · Botswana. · Cameroon · Eritrea · Gambia, The · Ghana · Kenya · Lesotho · Liberia · Malawi · Mauritius · Namibia · Nigeria · Saint Helena  ( Full Answer )

How many people speak English in Nepal?

Not too many. But in the tourist areas, such as Kathmandu, Thamel, etc, the number of tourists have increased thus leading to an increase also in Nepali natives knowing a bit of english for trade, services, and for business. The further you go from the tourist cities, the less people will know, if ( Full Answer )

Does everybody in India speak English?

No, not everyone speaks English. Many regions have their own regional languages like south India has got Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada. North has Hindi, Punjabi, Their is assamese and many more. English is the official language of India, besides Hindi and it is also spoken by a wide variety of people. S ( Full Answer )

How many people in Germany speak English?

Quite a few - Germans learn English from a very young age, though the exact age varies depending on region. However, if you are going to Germany (and this applies to any foreign travel where there is a language barrier), try and speak a little of their language; it shows you have made an effort and ( Full Answer )

How many countries speak British English?

One: The United Kingdom. There are many Standard dialects ofEnglish, including English (!), Scottish, American, Canadian,Indian and Australian; and countless "substandard" ones. Dialectsthat developed in the 18th century sound American; ones that datefrom later sound British. --- The exact number is ( Full Answer )

How many contries speak english?

English is the most spoken language on the planet, by total number of speakers. English is official in 54 countries, as well as many organizations such as the European Union and United Nations, and 27 non-sovereign entities . English is also the de facto language of four countries: Australia, New Z ( Full Answer )

How many republics in the English speaking Caribbean?

The US Virgin Islands are a group of Caribbean Islands that are aninsular area of the United States. The islands are divided intothree districts and those three districts are divided into twentysub-districts.

How many people in Japan can speak English?

It is compulsory in Japan to learn English in both primary and secondary school, hence many know at least the basics of English. It is also considered 'cool' in Japan to be able to speak English, much the same way that I believe it's 'cool' to be able to speak Japanese (or any foreign language fo ( Full Answer )

How many puerto ricans can speak English?

actually it depends on the puerto rican like if they want to speak it they can learn it and if they were raised in Baltimore or somewhere where they spoke english,which is very rare then they are most likely to speak english.But most puerto ricans can't speak English.

How many people speak English in Australia?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, given the censusfigures for 2011, an estimated 76.8% of Australians speak onlyEnglish at home. However, there are another 22% or so who speakEnglish as a second or third language.

How many people speaking Tamil in India?

In India, Tamil is spoken by more than 61 million people. It is the fourth most spoken language in India after Hindi, Bengali and Marathi.

How many people speak English in Ukraine?

not sure, but the percentage is quite low.... Good speakers must be less than 1% from population, gesture speaking people (leant some English at school) is higher:))

Do many Ukrainians speak English?

1% of Ukrainians is said to be fluent in English. 70% don't speak any English at all, while others have certain proficiency in reading, speaking, listening to English speech...

How many people on Uruguay speak English?

English is not an official language in Uruguay (Spanish is) so not many people speaks English. However, there are many bilingual schools (who teach in Spanish and English) and many people studies English but it's not common to speak in English in local shops. Hotels and tourist places yes.

How many Arabic speakers speak English?

English is studied as a second language in the United Arab Emirates. Many of them know English fluently. The same goes in most of the Middle Eastern countries and Arabian Gulf in general, many know English quite well indeed.

How many tribes in Africa speak English?

The question should be how many countries speak English In Africa . Most East African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania speak English. Also south africa, Nigeria, and ghan in West Africa

How many Zazas are known to speak English?

It is very difficult, probably impossible, to find an accurate answer to this question, especially because Turkish census does not cover the ethnic backgrounds or ethnic languages spoken other than Turkish. I do have some Zaza background myself and I do not believe this question can be answered base ( Full Answer )

How many speak English in Pakistan?

many speak English in Pakistan, literacy rate is good but English is not the required or only criteria to be successful, examples are china, Korea and japan.