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about 600 000 African elephants are left in the wild

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How many African elephant left in the world?

About 500,000

What are the two species of elephants?

African and AsianThe two types of elephants are African and Asian. Male African elephants are the largest surviving terrestrial animals and can reach a height of 13 feet. African elephants are listed as 'vulnerable' and the Asian elephant is classified as 'endangered' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.Sadly there are only 2 species of Elephants in the world because of humans have been killing them. Th two species of Elephants left in the world are the Asian Elephant and the Afirican Elephant. The rarest Elephant in the world is a combination of the two.Yes, There are 2 species of elephant the Asian and the Africanand both are endangered. Save the elephants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit my website at Yes it is about wildlife conservationthe two species of elephants are Indian elephantsandAfrican elephants

Why is this animal a endangered species African elephants?

poachers kill them for their ivory tusks. That's why there aren't many left. The African elephant is listed as "Threatened", not endangered, by the IUCN.

Where are the most elephants in Africa?

Botswana is home to the largest population of elephant left in the world at an estimated 120-150,000. 34% of the worlds population of African elephant.

What is the African elephant population?

Currently there are less than 470000 elephants left in africa.

An African Story by Ernest Hemingway?

about an elephant with an extremely large left tusk that almost touches the ground.

How many african wild dogs are left in the world?

There are 2,100 African Wild Dogs left.

How many African penguins are left in the wild in 2011?

2600 African penguins are left in the world

How much blackbirds are left in the world?


How many African Elephants remain?

There are about 600,000 African Elephants left in the world. There are about 30,000 to 50,000 Asian Elephants left in the world.

How many elephant left?

There are several million African elephants left in the wild. On the other hand, there are only between 35,000, and 40,000 Asian elephants left in the wild.

How do humans affect an elephants' habitat?

Humans cut down trees and also make forests smaller into pockets.This is why some elephants are extinct scince thbe last ice age 3 are left the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Indian elephant

How many rhinoceros's are left in the world?

about 12400 are left in the five species

How many elephant's and tiger are left in India?

how many elephant and tiger in world

How many Albatross are left?

There are 13 species of albatross left in the world with 750,000 breeding pairs. All species of albatross are considered endangered species.

How many African elephants left in the world?

There are about 500,000 African and Asian elephants in the world. There used to be 10 million.

How many queen alexandra's birdwing butterflies are left?

There are about 10 species left in the world.

How many African Americans left the South between World War 1 and 1930?

1.3 million African-Americans left the south.

How many elephant ear left now?

There are two elephant ears on every elephant.

How many species of the blobfish are there left in the world?

There is only one species of blobfish. It is the Psychrolutes marcidus.

How many total endangered species are left in the world?

Worldwide, there are about 500 species that are listed as endangered.

How many African Animals are left in the world?

one million

How many African crowned eagles are left in the world?


How much species of tiger is left on world?

about 5 i think

How many african elephant are left in the wild?

Hundreds of thousands of elephants have been killed over the past century by trophy hunters and ivory poachers. Approximately 100 years there were 5 to 10 million elephants that roamed the savannah of Africa and today there are only a few thousand of these magnificent species left in the jungles of Africa.

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