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0 as there is only one species of tiger but three subspecies have become extinct the Bali tiger, the Javan tiger and the Caspian tiger


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Tigers are not extinct as a species, but there are three extinct subspecies. Caspian, Javan, and Bali tigers are extinct. There were once nearly 120,000 tigers in Asia.

There are 9 species of tigers 3 of them are extinct

9 but many are extinct due to hunting

Many thousands of organisms and species have become extinct.

About 35 - 150 species of life become extinct everyday. Most due to deforestation (loss of rainforest).

I have heard that 8 species become extinct daily. That was a few years ago, though.

Over 112.5 species go extinct in the rainforest every day.

Any species can become extinct, given the right conditions; most species do, eventually, die out, but that process can take many millennia.

how many species of plants and animals become extinct every day as their habitat and human influences destroy them

It is hard to determine exactly how many animal species are extinct because some species become extinct before scientists even know they existed. As far as science can tell, there are over 900 extinct species.

100 different animals become extinct every year!

Every day from 35-150 species become extinct so you can now calculate with average value of 93 per day * 365 per year and multiply by 110 years and you get enormous number of 3,733,950 species become extinct since 1900!

there is only one species of tiger(panthera tigris) but there are nine other subspecies three of which are extinct

Three are already extinct; they are the Bali, Javan, and Caspian tigers.

The brontosaurus, along with the many other species of dinosaurs, became extinct about 65 millions years ago.

Endangered Species means that the species has a very small population and is at a great, or greater risk of becoming extinct. Many species that become extinct never make it to the endangered species list. This is according to the Endangered Species Act

3 sub species of tigers are now extinct because of hunters and they is only 5 sub species left the Caspian,javan,and Bali races are gone. three sub species of tigers are now extinct because of hunters and there is only five sub speicies left There are acctually 6 types of tiger left but the south Chinese tiger, has a population of under 15. They will probably be the next to go. How sad :(

It is hard to calculate the number of animals that have become extinct since 1681 since some species went extinct before scientists knew they existed. What is known is that more than 90 species of birds and hundreds of species of mammals have gone extinct since then.

Extinct means there are no members of the species remaining.

Animals are extinct when there's no known animals part of the species still alive.Or, if you're asking how they become extinct, that can be because of many causes.

There are about 4000 tigers and 5 species

Good question. Not one has died out for many past years.

3.5 species are extinct in a MINUTE. That's sad.

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