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There are over 200 species of sea urchins. They all have varying spine counts ranging from 200 to several thousand.

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How does a sea urchin affect people?

Spines of the sea urchin can cause injuries of the skin.

What relative of the sea star with long spines?

sea urchin

What does a sea urchin use to protect itself?


Animals with sharp spines?

Sonic the Hedgehog, sea urchin

This echinoderm is covered with spines that may be poisonous?

sea urchin

What relative of the sea star is covered with spines?

I think it is the sea urchin although i might be wrong. - you are correct, a sea urchin is in the Echinodermata phylum as the sea star.

What is the difference between sea urchin and sand dollar?

they both have spines but the sea urchin is round while the sand dollar is flat

How are sea anemone and a sea urchin different?

sea anemones have stinging tentacles, and sea urchins have spines.

Can urine melt sea urchin spines?

Yes, the uric acid decomposes the calcium structure the spines.

Why do sea urchins have spines?

So that the sea urchin can protect itself from is enemies, it also has venomous spines. They also use their spines to kill other sea ceatures, so they can eat them.

What is a small sea animal with round body in a shell covered with sharp spines?

It's a sea urchin.

Is a sea urchin a fish?

Sea urchins are not fish.You see sea urchins are echinoids because of there spines and they have some parasites.

How do you use sea urchins in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.Sea urchins have spines.Have you ever seen a sea urchin?

What echinoderm is covered with spines that may be poisonous?

The sea urchin is a member of the phylum Echinodermataand is covered with spines that may or may not be poisonous.

What is the functions of spines in sea urchins?

They protect the sea urchin from predators, help in movement and burrowing, and they help them with camouflage.

How does a sea urchin protect themselves?

A sea urchin is covered with very long, quite sharp spines. I know a scuba diver who banged one with his knee and had to go in for surgery.

Do sea urchin spines hurt?

Well I wouldn't test it... it probably would hurt though

Do a sea urchin have spines extending out of their bodies?


Can sea urchins shoot their spines?

Sea urchins do NOT shoot there spines. They can simply let them pop out (sort of like a porcupine). Most people make this mistake... neither a porcupine or sea urchin SHOOT there spines. They do harden and stick out farther but they DO NOT SHOOT THEM!

What are some different types of sea urchins?

There are over 700 species of Sea urchins. Some examples would be the pincushion sea urchin, the popular and common longspine urchin, the Blue Tuxedo urchin, the shortspine urchin and the pencil urchin. They usually differ in color, location most common and overall look or how long their spines are.

Does a sea urchin have tube feet?

Yes; all over its body. But its muscles can also move the spines!

What is the scientific name of a sea-urchin?

There are many species of sea urchin but all sea urchins belong to the class Echinoidea.

How do live sea urchins look different from dead ones?

A living sea urchin has spines and a dead one just has little bumps.

What do triggerfish eat?

triggerfish have been known to eat sea urchin usin a special trick to open them an not get poisoned by their spines

Can a sea urchin grow back its spines?

yes I took a marine biology class and when they lose a spine it will grow back

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