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There is plenty and counting.

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Is sport better than computer games?

yes sport is way better than computer games because it gets you fit and its good for your body.

What websites with games can you get on while on a school computer?

It depends what games you want. BBC Sport games are available.It also depends on computer

How many computer games are there in the US?

There are thousands of computer games in the US.

How many syllabels is computer games?

3syllabels in 'computer' 1in 'games' 4 total

How many games in a championship series?

It depends on the sport.

How many sport games were played in the Olympics?


How many games can you loose and you are out for season?

it depends on what sport

Is shooting a game or a sport?

a game can be defind as a sport - shouting has many different type of "games"

Is swimming a game or a sport?

It is a sport in its right, but can be a skill used in many games (water polo for example).

How many play fantasy sport games online?


How many championship games did Duke win?

what sport basketball

Can you play on a computer?

Yes, there are many online games that you can play. You can also buy games to install on your computer.

How many people don't like playing computer games?

There are many people who do not like playing computer games, nor even going on a computer. Its impossible to count how many people are like this.

What games can be downloaded onto the computer?

There are many different games that can be downloaded to a computer. One can download arcade games, puzzles, simulator games, and role playing games.

How many times have England hosted karate at Commonwealth Games?

Karate is not a sport in the Commonwealth games.

How many different genres are there of computer games?

There is no formal definition of game genres for computer games because the data cannot be compiled. Many modern computer games do not need physical software installation to be sought out and played.

Are computer games a sport?

Not by the current definition of sport, which implies a level of physical activity. Then again, NASCAR is considered a sport; as videogaming continues to become more immersive, the definition might someday be expanded to include it as well.

What are the advantages of computer games?

There are many advantages of having computer games. These games are fun for children to learn things like math through.

How many winter olympic sports are there?

there are 20 winter sport games.

Is Video Games considered a sport?

Yes, Video games are considered a sport.

What kind of games are found at the Addicting Games website?

There are many free online games at the Addicting Games website. They have over 3000 games, including arcade games, puzzle games and sport games, plus many more.

Is squash a olympic or commonwealth games sport?

Squash is only a Commonwealth Games sport.

Do children play to many computer games?


What will the students do to avoid the computer games?

To avoid students to play computer games.. they need to focus on other activities that is related to their interests .. for sure many students has their own interests not just computer games...

Is squash an Olympic sport?

No, but it is a sport in the Commonwealth games.