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How many square feet are in a room that is 18X18?

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The math is pretty straight forward 18 times 18 is 324 square feet

if you are interested in square yards for flooring it would be 18X18=324 then divide by 9 for sq Yard's= 324/9=36 sq yards

in carpet or vinyl a 12'X27 would be enough square feet but would need a bit more for pattern matching and trim waste..

If you are figuring for flooring please remember that 324 is the NET flooring area. some waste is always a part of the project.

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Assuming that your measurements are in ft and you are wanting square yards:Your answer is 81 square yardsConversions:1 yard = 3 feetCalculations:18 / 3 = 99 * 9 = 81

If the room is 10ft by 12ft, the room should be 120 square feet.

A room that is 12 feet by 13 feet is 156 square feet in area

A simple rectangular room 20 feet by 18 feet has 360 square feet.

The square feet of a room that is 12 feet times 17 feet is 204. Square feet is calculated by multiplying the length of the room by the width of the room.

144/(1.5*1.5) = 64 tiles, but if you are using this to determine how many are needed to tile a room, you need to add at least 10% for edging around the room. So, you probably need at least 71 or more tiles.

There is 121 square feet in a 11'x11' room.

There are 270 square feet in a 15'x18' room.

A room whose dimensions is 14 feet by 15 feet is 210 square feet.

Twice as many as the number of people in the room.

Assuming you mean the room is 15 feet by 9 feet - 135 square feet.

An example: A room 24 feet by 18 feet is 24 x 18 = 432 square feet.

96 square feet. Multiply length by width - the result is the area in square feet.

The answer is 324 square feet, you get this answer by multiplying 27 by 12 which is the dimensions of your room.

A room 32.2 feet by 12.7 feet has an area of: about 38 square meters (37.99 square meters).

Assuming that the room is 12 FEET by 28 FEET the area is 336 square feet.

11X9=99 Square Feet of tile.

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