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If it is a 17 yard by 9 yard room then 153 square yards!

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How many square yards in a 18ft x 17ft room?

There are: (18/3) times (17/3) = 34 square yards

How many square yards in 17 feet by 17 feet room?

32.11 square yards. * * * * * * * -- 321/9 square yards on the floor -- another 321/9 square yards on the ceiling -- more square yards on the walls, but in order to count them, you have to know the height of the ceiling above the floor.

How many square yards is a 12ft by 17ft room?

There are: 12/3 times 17/3 = 22.67 square yards rounded to two decimal places

How many yards in a 15 feet by 17 feet room?

First, you have to find the dimensions of the room in square feet. Multiplying length times width, 15*17 = 255. Then, knowing that 1 square yard equals 9 square feet, you take 255/9 and find the room contains 85/3 square yards or 24 and 1/3 square yards.

How many square ft of carpeting do you need if you are using a 12ft roll in a 17 x 16 room?

You must first assume that the room is 17 ft x 16 ft and not some other units - for example 17 yards by 16 yards. In that case the room is 17*16 = 272 square feet and, irrespective of the width of the carpeting, you will need 272 square feet of carpet.

How many square yards is 17 feet by 13 feet?

17' x 13' (221 square feet) = 24.55 square yards.

12 feet by 17 feet is how many square yards?

12' x 17' (204 square feet) = 22.66 square yards.

How many square yards is 14 x 17 ft?

Convert the dimensions into yards and then multiply them together for the square yards

How many yards are in 159 sq ft?

It is impossible to convert from square feet to yards. If you are looking for the amount of square yards in 159 square feet, then the answer is 17 and 2/3 square yards.

How many square yards is46 x 17 feet?

Assuming you mean 46 feet x 17 feet:86.88(repeating) square yards

How many yard is 17 x 14?

To find the answer multiply the two numbers. 17 yards times 14 yards is 238 square yards.

What is the square yards of 12x17?

If that's 12 x 17 yards, the answer is 204 square yards.

What is 17 yards squared?

172 = 289 square yards

How many square yards in 14 ft by 17 ft?

You have to multiply the two dimensions to get the area. In this case the answer will be 238 square feet. Divide by 9 to get 26.44 square yards.

How many feet in 17 square yards?

If you mean to ask, "How many square feet are in 17 square yards?", then here is the solution:1 yard (yd) is equal to 3 feet (ft). A square yard (yd2) is equal to 1yd x 1yd, and a square foot (ft2) is equal to 1ft x 1ft. Therefore 1yd2 is equal to 3ft x 3ft or 9ft2.The number of square feet in 17 yards can be found by multiplying:17yd2/1 x 9ft2/1yd2 = (17yd2)(9ft2)/1yd2This can be canceled out:(17)(9ft2)And reduced:153ft2There are 153 square feet in 17 square yards.

How many square feet are there in a room that measures 17 feet by 15 feet?

17 multiplied by 15 = 255. So, there are 255 square feet in that room.

How many square feet is 12 feet times 17 feet?

The square feet of a room that is 12 feet times 17 feet is 204. Square feet is calculated by multiplying the length of the room by the width of the room.

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