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12ft X 32ft = 384 sq ft /9 = 42.67 sq yds

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Is it illegal to price carpet in square yards?

No. Many stores have went to square foot pricing because it is easier to visualize a square foot and also the square foot price is smaller. Carpet mills still require purchase orders in square yards and is still the standard for which carpet is sold. Home Depot, the leading carpet seller in America prices there carpets in both square yard pricing and square foot.

How many square feet in a 12x32 foot area?

12 feet x 32 feet = 384 square feet.

How many square feet of carpet do you need to cover a 36 foot by 30 foot room how many square yards?

Broken down as follows: 30 feet = 10 yards 36 feet = 12 yards 10 x 12 = 120 square yards

How is carpet measured and priced?

There are 2 standard ways that carpet is sold, either square yard or square foot. Depending where you are shopping, both are used still. The carpet mills require orders be placed in square yards. Carpet stores began pricing their product in square foot because it was a smaller number and a more familiar size. Home Depot and some smaller stores still offer the price in square yards.

If carpet is 11.26 per sq yard and the carpet is 12' width how much is it per lineal foot?

Every 9 inches of a roll with a 12-foot width is a square yard. This means every lineal or running foot of 12-foot wide carpet is 1 1/3 square yards of carpet. If carpet is $11.26 per square yard, a running foot of our carpet on the roll would cost about $15. The actual answer is $15 and 1 & 1/3 cents a lineal foot.

How many yards of carpet do you need for a 12 foot by 12 foot room?

This question is ambiguous. You either need to know the width of the carpet being purchased, or, in more general terms you could say you need 4 SQUARE yards of carpet. 12 feet = 4 yards (3 feet in a yard)

How many square yards of carpet are needed for 9 x 12 foot room?

You have to multiply the two dimensions to get the area. In this case the answer will be 108 square feet. Divide by 9 to get 12 square yards.

How many square feet would 300yards of carpet be?

I'm sorry but yards can not be converted to square feet (or square anything). A yard is a distance and a square foot is an area. Square yards can be converted to square feet however by multiplying by 9.

How many square feet of carpeting are needed to carpet a 12-foot 12-foot room?

144 square feet. (12 x 12 = 144) or 16 square yards.

How many yards equals a square foot?

3200 square foot equals how many yards

Carpet stain protector costs 0.65 per square yard to apply How much will it cost to apply the protectant to a 16foot 18foot carpet?

1 yard = 3 foot so 16 foot by 18 foot = 51/3 x 6 yard carpet 51/3 x 6 = 32 square yards of carpet. At 0.65 per square yard this is 0.65 x 20.80 per square yard.

How many square yards in a 12 foot x12 foot room?

12 foot x 12 foot is 16 square yards

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor that is 15 feet by 15 feet?

Well 3 yards are in 1 foot so its 5 yards by 5 yards. So 5yds^2.

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor that is 9 feet by 10 feet?

10 square yards. Note, the amount of carpet you have to pay for may actually be more than 10 square yards as you will have to buy the entire width of the roll * the length you need. Assuming it is 12' wide you would need 12 square yards and if its 15' wide you would need 15 yards. No carpet store sells carpet by what you need but only by what the width of the roll is. So if you need a 10 x 9 piece, the carpet only comes 12 foot wide so you would take home a piece of carpet 12 x 9.

How do you convert square foot into square yards?

square feet x 0.111 = square yards

If the price of carpet is 4.92 a square yard how much is a 12 foot by 20 foot carpet going to cost?

12 foot by 20 foot = 240 square foot. Divide by 9 to bring ito to square yards = 26.6666 (round this to say 26.67). Multiply by the price (4.92) = 131.216. You haven't said what the price units are (£ or $ or whatever). But the sum is the same whatever the price units are.

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor that is 696 square feet?

There are 9 square feet in one square yard, so 696SF = 77.33 Square Yards. However, because carpet comes in different widths, you usually have to buy more than the exact amout to avoid small patches (unless the carpet width fits the room exactly). If the room is 24feet by 29feet, you could probably find carpet that is 12feet wide, resulting in no scraps (two 12 foot sections cover the 24 foot dimension).

Average per square foot cost of 400 square foot addition on brick home in western springs Illinois?

400 square foot piece of carpet price 400 square foot piece of carpet price

How many yards are in 718 sqft?

79.7778 square yards (0.111111 square yards per square foot).

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