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According to this website:, there are 201 steps inside Cape Lookout Lighthouse.

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The Cape Lookout Lighthouse has been painted many times. It was originally painted red and white, but when it was rebuilt the new lighthouse was painted with black and white diamonds. It is repainted every few years.

There are two black and two white stripes that wrap the tower exactly 1 1/2 times, tapering as they spiral upwards. Each lighthouse has a unique "daymark" to allow mariners to recognize the lighthouse by day, and both Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras received their painted marks in 1873.

There are many at the coast..Cape Hatteras, NC.

There are 5 steps to enter the lobby. 199 on the cast iron tower stairs and 13 from the watchroom to the lantern itself. Total 217. However the lantern stairs are off limits to all but the Coast Guard so the total for most climbers is 204.

According the the official website (see link below) the "barber pole" striped Cape Hatteras lighthouse has 268 steps. Also every 31 steps there is a landing at where you can rest.

It has 268 steps and was constructed with 1,250,000 bricks. It has 268 steps.

All lighthouses in New Zealand are automatic and only visited for routine maintainence. The last lighthouse to be demanned was the Cape Brett lighthouse in 1990.

According to their official website (see link below) there are 219 steps to the observation deck.

It has 214 steps to the outdoor gallery however no access to the lens room is currently allowed.

There are at least ten lighthouses in North Carolina Currituck Beach Bodie Island Roanoke Marshes Replica Cape Hatteras Ocracoke Bald Head (Cape Fear) Oak Island Cape Lookout Roanoke River Price's Creek

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The Ocracoke lighthouse has 2 windows.

Heskey is a famous lighthouse that has seen many shipwrecks.

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There are two lighthouses on Rottnest Island: Wadjemup lighthouse and Bathurst lighthouse. The original lighthouse on the Wadjemup site was the first lighthouse in Western Australia, whilst the lighthouse that is currently on the site is Australia's first ever rotating beam lighthouse.

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