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Four stars . . . two on each shoulder.

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What army officers wear stars on their shouders?

Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General - one through four stars, respectively. If there should be another General of the Army (five stars), they would, as well.

How many stars does a lieutenant general wear?

He wears three stars on his uniform.

What rank entitles a general in the US Army to wear three stars?

Lieutenant General

How many stars does an army colonel wear?

None in their rank insignia (there are some on the uniform itself, for example, in the US flag patch). Stars are worn by general officers; Colonels wear "birds" (eagles) instead.

Does a major in the army have stars?

Not in the US Army. They wear a gold oak leaf.

Why do small town police chiefs wear 4 stars on their collar?

They shouldn't wear stars that should only be reserved for the rank of general in our armed forces. Disgraceful on their part

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How many stars do the president wear on his uniform in time of war?

The US President is a CIVILIAN and does not wear a uniform

How many stars does the president of the US wear on his uniform in time of war?

The President is a CIVILIAN and does not wear a uniform

What is the most stars a general can have?

Right now, four. There are three ranks above this: General of the Army is a five-star rank. One officer can be promoted to it during wartime. General of the Armies is probably a six-star rank, but no one's quite sure: the only officer to wear it was General Pershing, who was allowed to create his own rank insignia. He wore four gold stars--other generals wear silver stars. General of the Armies of the United States is the highest rank there can ever be, and it's held by George Washington. It has no insignia.

How many stars does a lieutenant colonel wear?

In the US services Generals wear stars. Majors and Lt. Colonels wear an Oak Leaf; the gold oak leaf is the Major's insignia, and the silver oak leaf is the Lieutenant Colonel's rank insignia. Major is the first rank entering the FIELD GRADE levels, that is why it is gold. Other countries have different insignia to denote rank.

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The Jews were forced to wear stars so that they could be easily identified.

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they had to wear holocast david stars

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They were forced to wear the stars in the Holocaust.

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How many stars do the highest-ranking army generals wear on their uniforms?

4 star generals are in the US

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The Jews were required to wear the Yellow Stars of David

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on their shoulders bye leave

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