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Four: Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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How many States does Maryland border?


Are Delaware Maryland and Kentucky border states?

yesDelaware Maryland and Kentucky border states

What states share a border with Maryland?

The states that border Maryland are Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

How many states border Washington DC?

maryland and virginia

What states were called the border states?

Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware were known as border states.

What states border the confederate states of America?

The Border States were Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware.

Which states were called the border states?

Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware.the states on the border of Mexico are typically referred to as border states.

What were the union border states?

Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland were the border states that remained in the Union.

Where did Maryland stand in the war?

Maryland was one of the so-called "border states", it had slavery but did not secede from the Union. Maryland-like many states- provided soldiers to both sides in the conflict.

The most important of the border states?


Which was the most important of the border states?


The most important of the border states was?


What states were border states that had states but remained in the union?

The border states were Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.

How many states border Virginia?

5 states: Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina

How many miles is Maryland to Delaware?

Maryland and Delaware share a border, so it is theoretically possible to stand in both states at once.

Where the border states in 1861-1864?

the border states in 1861 were Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Name the border states?

Before the Civil War the Border States were Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri.

What were the following were border slave states that stayed with the Union?

The border states were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.

Which states are the border states?

The border states during the Civil War were Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.

What are the slave border states?

The border states were those states that bordered the states that seceded before the Civil War. The border states consisted of Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, and Missouri.

Define border states?

During the Civil War, border states were slave states that had not succeeded from the Union. The four border states were Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri.

Which states border the District of Columbia?

Maryland and Virginia

What were the border states?

delaware, kentucky, maryland, missouri

What were five border states?

Maryland, Kansas Nebraska

What was the border states in the confederacy?

the border states didnt secede to the union or the confederacy the five border states arewest virginiamarylanddelewarekentuckymissouri

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