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GOOD SAMARITAN LAWA principle of tort law that provides that a person who sees another individual in imminent and serious danger or peril cannot be charged with negligence if that first person attempts to aid or rescue the injured party, provided the attempt is not made recklessly.
The Good Samaritan doctrine is used by rescuers to avoid civil liability for injuries arising from their negligence. Its purpose is to encourage emergency assistance by removing the threat of liability for damage done by the assistance. However, the assistance must be reasonable; a rescuer cannot benefit from the Good Samaritan doctrine if the assistance is reckless or grossly negligent.
Four key elements support a successful invocation of the Good Samaritan doctrine: (1) the care rendered was performed as the result of the emergency, (2) the initial emergency or injury was not caused by the person invoking the defense, (3) the emergency care was not given in a grossly negligent or reckless manner, and (4) aid was given with permission whenever possible to obtain it.  STATES WITH GOOD SAMARITAN LAWSAlabama
Section 6-5-332

SECTION 09.65.090

A.C.A. § 17-95-101
A.R.S. § 9-500.02.
Ann.Cal.Bus. & Prof.Code §2395.
C.G.S.A. §52-557b.
CRS title 13-21-108
16 Del.C. §6801 (a)
Section 678.13 (2008) The Good Samaritan Act
Sections 678.1315 - 678.1382 (2008) Other related laws
Section 401.2915 AED use by the public
Sec. 663-1.5
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K.S.A. §65-2891
KRS §411.148
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5-309 Chapter 137
Maryland Law 5-309
Title 14 164
Section 190.092
North Carolina
G.S. 90-21.16
North Dakota
§ 20-9-4.1
(NRS) 41.500
New Hampshire
Section 508:12
New Mexico
New Jersey
New York
Article 30
§ 2305.23
§ 4765.49
Title76.Torts Section5
Title76.Torts Section5.1
Section 698.17
Title 76. Torts Section 5.4
(ORS) 30.800
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Rhode Island
§ 9-1-27.1
South Carolina
SECTION 15-1-310
South Dakota
§ 20-9-4.1.
H.B. 2097
SS 519 S.283
Washington DC
D.C. CODE 1981 §2-1344.
West Virginia
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Where is David Cash today the man that prompted the State of Nevada Good Samaritan Law?

David Cash Jr., the man that prompted the State of Nevada Good Samaritan Law, currently lives in North Redondo Beach California, and currently has a high paying job at Plains Exploration & Production Company (an oil company in CA) To learn more read this link: ( Full Answer )

How does the Good Samaritan Law effect nurses and other medical personnel?

Answer . The good samaritan act doesnt pertain to health care workers while their in their job setting. This only applies to them if they are in the community off duty and they come across an emergency. They can only acts as a resonably prudent person would do, which includes calling 911.

Who does the good samaritan law cover in Tennessee?

Tenn. Code Ann. 63-6-218 (1963). Tenn. Code Ann. 68-140-701-68-140-710 (1999). Provides Immunity for rescuers. Provides immunity for acquirers and enablers. Encourages/requires CPR & AED training

Does Israel have a good samaritan law?

In Israel, the law requires anyone to assist a person in danger orat the very least call for help. People who help in good faith arenot liable for damages. Helpers are eligible for compensation fordamages caused to them during their assistance.

What are the Good Samaritan laws for New Jersey?

The Good Samaritan law in New Jersey encourages people to provideemergency care to an injured person. The law protects the peoplefrom law suits and criminal charges.

When was the good samaritan law made?

I believe it was made in around 2001 we need what city your looking for or state, each state made it at different time.

What are the good Samaritan laws in Tennessee?

The Good Samaritan laws in the Tennessee protect someone from beingsued if he or she is trying help someone in need. It also protectssomeone from lawsuit if she or he breaks a window to help someoneinside a closed vehicle.

What does the Idaho Good Samaritan Law state?

That no action shall lie or be maintained for civil damages in any court of this state against any person or persons, or group of persons, who in good faith, being at, or stopping at the scene of an accident, offers and administers first aid or medical attention to any person or persons injured in s ( Full Answer )

What is the Good Samaritan law in Michigan?

[Answer posted December 25, 2008.] The current "Good Samaritan" law in Michigan ( Liability of Certain Persons for Emergency Care, MCL Act 17 of 1963 ) is broken down into five parts. Part one ( MCL 691.1501 ) covers physicians, physician's assistants, or nurses rendering emergency care or de ( Full Answer )

What is the Good Samaritan Law for North Carolina?

§ Good Samaritan Laws. · In North Carolina these laws apply to anyone acting in an unpaid capacity rendering medical assistance. For instance, this would apply to a physician giving care at a free clinic, a bystander giving first aid care, a volunteer fire person, etc.. · "Any person ( Full Answer )

What is the Nevada good samaritan law?

"... any person in this State who renders emergency care or assistance in an emergency, gratuitously and in good faith, except for a person who is performing community service as a result of disciplinary action pursuant to any provision in title 54 of NRS, is not liable for any civil damages as a re ( Full Answer )

When did the good samaritan law start in NH?

The "Good Samaritan" law is based on common law, but the existing NH law was originally codified in 1967. See below: NH Code/Title III:Actions, Process, and Service of Process/Section 508:12 Aid at Scene of Emergency or to Victim of Crime: I. If any person in good faith renders emergency care ( Full Answer )

Does Michigan's Good samaritan law apply only to health professionals?

It is not a simple answer of yes or no. Yet at the same time it is. So in a nut shell, here's my answer. No. It does protect those that are not health professionals, it protects all with acknowledged medical training. That can be general first aid certification from the red cross to CPR certifica ( Full Answer )

Vermont Good Samaritan Law?

Yes, VT does have such: The Vermont Statutes Online Title 12: Court Procedure Chapter 23: Limitation of Time For Commencement of Actions 519. Emergency medical care . § 519. Emergency medical care . (a) A person who knows that another is exposed to grave physical harm shall, to ( Full Answer )

What is Tennessee's good samaritan law?

TENNESSEE GOOD SAMARITAN LAW . Tennessee Code Annotated . 63-6-218. . (a) This section shall be known and cited as the "Good Samaritan Law.". (b) Any person, including those licensed to practice medicine and surgery and including any person licensed or certified to render service ancillary there ( Full Answer )

What did the good samaritan do?

In the bible, the good Samaritan is about a man who was beaten up by "thugs" and left to die on the side of the road. People pass by only to leave him there, one of which was a priest. Finally a man came along him and helped him into the next town. There, the good Samaritan paid for him to be cleane ( Full Answer )

What is the law that requires a good samaritan to call for help?

It may or may not be a law, consider the sparse installation of telephone booths on major highways. however as the Samaritan is coming to the aid of a person, beyond the first-aid or bandage level he would be obligated to call the rescue squad, ambulance, 911 AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY. if not actuall ( Full Answer )

What is the Good Samaritan Law of NH?

Good Samaritan Law: 508:12 "Emergency care: If any person, in good faith, renders emergency care at the place of the happening on an emergency, or while in transit in an ambulance or rescue vehicle to a person who is in urgent need of care as a result of the emergency, and if the acts of care are ( Full Answer )

What is a good samaritan?

A good Samaritan is one that does nice things for other. Thisperson will often give everything they have for someone lessfortunate.

Does Utah have a good samaritan law?

Yes, it does.. Utah's Good Samaritain Act reads, it was altered alittle in 1987 but is still pretty much the same. . Quote:. A person who renders emergency care at or near the scene of, or during an emergency, gratuitously and in good faith, is not liable for any civil damages or penalties as a ( Full Answer )

What is the Good Samaritan law for South Carolina?

Person's rendering aid in an emergency situation shall not be liable for civil damages for personal injuries SECTION 15-1-310. Liability for emergency care rendered at scene of accident. Any person, who in good faith gratuitously renders emergency care at the scene of an accident or emergen ( Full Answer )

What is the Good Samaritan about?

'The Good Samaritan' is a parable sourced to Jesus. It relates thestory of a man who, after being beaten and robbed by bandits, isleft lying on the side of the road to die. Passersby who ignore his condition or choose to not help himinclude rich persons and those high in the church hierarchy. Theon ( Full Answer )

What is the good samaritan law of Kentucky?

Kentucky, 2008 - The Kentucky Good Samaritan statute, KRS 411.148(1) includes protection for EMS. "No... person certified as an emergency medical technician by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services...shall be liable in civil damages for administering emergency care or treatment at the ( Full Answer )

Who was the good samaritan?

The Samaratin man is a man in the parable told by Jesus. In it a man is attacked by robbers and a priest and another man passed by , but this samaritan had compensation on him and took him to a inn.

Does the State of Alaska have Good Samaritan law?

TITLE 09 CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE . CHAPTER 65 ACTIONS, IMMUNITIES, DEFENSES, AND DUTIES . SECTION 09.65.090 . Civil liability for emergency aid . (a) A person at a hospital or any other location who renders emergency care or emergency counseling to an injured, ill, or emotionally distraugh ( Full Answer )

What is the good samaritan law in Georgia?

It means that you can't be sued if you try to help someone who eather accepts your help or cannot answer. (like if they are knocked out) I don't think the Good Samaritan law covers giving them medication.

Good samaritan law in New Jersey?

Under common law, while a person is under no obligation to provide emergency assistance at the scene of an accident, a person who chooses to do so may be held civilly liable if he or she is found to have acted in a negligent manner. To encourage individuals to render assistance at accident scenes, N ( Full Answer )

When is someone not protected by the good Samaritan law?

As long as you have either your first aid cert or CPR cert you are always protected. The Good Samaritan law comes into effect when you are not certified at all and try to help someone and that person decides to sue you.

What is the good samaritan law in Ohio?

Section 2305.23 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) is the main law pertaining to the Good Samaritan law. This law states that no person shall be liable in civil damages for administering emergency care or treatment at the scene of an emergency outside of a hospital, doctor's office, or other place havin ( Full Answer )

Criminal law- good Samaritan rule?

The Good Samaritan Rule is usually applicable only in civil liability situations usually applicable in regards to medical issues. I am not familiar with any applicability in criminal law.

If you are CPR certified are you exempt from the good samaritan law?

If you are CPR certified, the good samaritan laws still apply to you. Added: Being "certifed" in First Aid or CPR does not make one legally liable. The Good Samaritan laws apply to well intentioned civilians otherwise 'untrained' and uneducated in medical practice. They would not safeguard to a ( Full Answer )

When was the Florida good Samaritan law enacted?

It was first enacted during the 2004 Legislative Session and has undergone re-wording and modification since then. For a current copy of the statute see the link below:

What and To whom does good samaritan law apply?

So-called 'good samaritan' laws were written to protect persons attempting to give life-saving first aid at the scene of accidents (vehicular in particular) that inadvertently/mistakenly resulted in either death or great lasting physical harm/impairment to the person(s) saved (i.e.: passerby pulls s ( Full Answer )

What is the Good Samaritan law in Montana?

Montana Good Samaritan Law 27-1-714. Limits on liability for emergency care rendered at scene of accident or emergency. (1) Any person licensed as a physician and surgeon under the laws of the state of Montana, any volunteer firefighter or officer of any nonprofit volunteer fire company, o ( Full Answer )

What is Arkansas good samaritan law?

Depending on exactly what you looking for, if you are in the medical profession and provided medical care for someone: Title 17 Professions, Occupations, and Businesses Subtitle 3. Medical Professions Chapter 95 Physicians and Surgeons Subchapter 1 -- General Provisions 17-95-101. "Good ( Full Answer )

What is the good Samaritan law for Minnesota?

There are specific rules when you discovering an accident (Good Samaritan Statute - Minnesota Statute 171.50, Driver License Compact). A driver can have his or her license suspended for "failure to stop and render aid in the event of a motor vehicle accident resulting in the death or personal inju ( Full Answer )

What is the good samaritan law in NJ?

It is contained basically in N.J. Stat. Ann. §2A:62A (1963 ), and related sup-paragraphs - of which there are many. Using this information you may conduct your own more detailed reserch into the specific area you desire.

What is the good samaritan law in mn?

It basically states that if you see a crime being committed and do nothing about it, you can be charged with negligence.

What problems are good samaritan laws written to solve?

The problems that face a person who finds someone who is injured or otherwise in distress and would like to give aid, but fears being sued by that person if the result of the aid were to be less than ideal.

When and where was the first good samaritan law enacted?

The concept dates from Luke"s Gospel, on the other hand, the Insanity defense comes from the Passion according to St. Matthew- Father Forgive them, FOR THEY NO NO WHAT THEY DO! In a like situation, well Clark Kent may have just turned on, in a mild dose, his heat vision on his captors. Thus, Chri ( Full Answer )

What does the good samaritan law do for people?

Although they may differ slightly from state-to-state, they generally protect from civil litigation, any civilian person (i.e.: one who is not required by law to adhere to a 'standard of practice') who, in good faith, renders aid to someone involved in an injury or accident.

Does ohio have the Good Samaritan 911 law?

Eleven states have enacted Good Samaritan/911 laws, but Ohio is not one of them. Ohio has a Good Samaritan law for medical personnel and civilians who try to assist in medical emergencies.

What are the laws of a good samaritan?

People are sometimes afraid to assist in case of an accident because they fear prosecution for wrongdoing. Good Samaritan Law protects people who give assistance to those who are injured and in need of help.