How many states were there when the United States was born?

There are three ((((((3))))) United States.

#1. One is When the 13 colonies were joined in 1787.

That answer is 13 colonies. or 13 stated or 13 countries being as a state is considered a country.

#2. The act of 1871 congress decided to call The District of Columbia or Washing D.C. a new name known as THE UNITED STATES. A corporation which is not The United States of America. A corporation that has authority over a ten square mile of land and not the full authority over 50 states as you were fooled to believing.

So unless you live in a corporation like Wallmart, or Mc Donalds you do NOT live in the UNITED STATES.

Then your answer would be 36 states when the corporation was formed.

#3. is another story