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One stick equals 1/2 cups so one and a half sticks is 3/4 of a cup.

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Q: How many sticks of butter do you need to make three fourth of a cup?
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How many sticks of butter make up a fourth pound?

1 stick of butter = 1/4 pound

How many sticks make one cup of butter?

Two sticks make 1 cup of butter

Can you make a sentence using the word called for?

The recipe called for three sticks of butter.

How many sticks of butter do you need to make 1 cup of butter?

You need 2 sticks

How many sticks of butter are in a cup of butter?

One stick of butter is 1/2 cup. It takes two sticks to make a cup.

How many sticks of butter makes a pound?

Four sticks of butter make a pound. Each stick is a half a cup and 4 ounces.

Why do only some three sticks make a triangle?

A triangle only has three sides. If you put three sticks together, you can make a triangle. If you had four sticks, you cannot make a triangle. That is why only three sticks are needed.

How many sticks of butter make 40 lbs?

4 sticks in a pound. 4x40=160

How many sticks of butter make 1 pint thanks?

Most sticks of butter are marked on the side with fluid measure. The quarter pound sticks in our refrigerator indicate 1/2 cup per stick. So, 4 sticks would make a pint.

How many cups of butter are in half a pound?

2 sticks of butter (1 cup, or 16 tablespoons) make a half-pound of butter.

How much clarified butter to sticks of butter?

That doesn't make sense. Try to explain your question in the chat room.

How many sticks of butter make one half cup?

One stick of butter = 1/2 cup

What does one square butter mean?

normally it means a block of butter. Most companies make butter in different incraments. one of them are a box of four blocks (or sticks of butter).

How many sticks of butter do you need to make 400 grams of butter?

A "stick of butter" is 1/4 of a pound or 4 ounces. 4 ounces = 113.5 grams. 400 gams ÷ 113.5 = 3.52 So 3 and a half sticks of butter should be close to 400 grams.

Is one stick of butter equal to a cup?

No, 1 stick of butter is equal to 1/2 cup. It takes 2 sticks to make 1 cup.

How many sticks of butter does it take to make 30 grams?

One stick of butter is 4oz. That is 62 gm, so 30 is about 1/2 a stick.

How is production possibilities used to help allocate scarce resources?

its like comparing guns and butter...if you want to make more butter you have give up some guns...if you want to make more guns you have to give up some sticks of butter.

How do you make 4 equal triangles in 6 sticks?

Make a tetrahedron (three sided pyramid) Make it three dimensional. have the base be a triangle and then make three sides on it like a triangle pyramid. Triforce. ..▲ ▲ ▲

How do you make cookies without vanilla and baking soda?

You can make African butter cookies. Yo just need 4 sticks of butter a LOT of granulated sugar. If you are talking about chocolate chip cookies those are gross so make Asian cookies instead

How do you make a ladder in mine-craft?

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How many sticks of butter is 2 cups?

4, I think 4 every cube is a half and 2 make a cup do the math

Can you use a measuring cup for butter?

For butter, you can use a measuring cup, or a liquid measuring cup. They have the same measurements, just used for different purposes. Also, on sticks of butter they have measurements on the rapper, which make it very help for measurements! Good luck in your cooking!

How do you describe pizza sticks?

You can describe pizza sticks as a pseudo pizza. Instead of cutting the pizza in wedges, one can cut pizza sticks straight across and then make vertical cuts. This makes stick shaped pieces which are good for dipping in marinara or garlic butter sauce.

How nuch canola oil substitute for 2 sticks of butter?

Sometimes you can use oil for butter, but a lot of the time you can't. 2 sticks is a fair amount and oil is going to change the consistency of almost any finished product . If the butter is to be melted, tablespoon for tablespoon. 16 in two sticks means 16 of oil. If it is for cookies or some sort of dough, using oil is going to cause them to spread a lot more than with butter. I have used oil to make biscuits and I can live with them. Fine fresh, but they tend to be a bit dry if rewarmed.

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