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Q: How many stitches on a football?
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How many stitches in a football?

There are eight (8) stitches in a football.

How many Number of stitches in hand made football?

If you are asking how many stitches are on the white laced seam of the American football, then the answer is eight.

How many stitches in an NFL football?

I don't know if you mean stitches or laces. There are 8 laces on a football, but there are several hundred stitches.

What is the name of the stitches in a football ball?

The stitches in an American Football are called Laces.

How many parts do an American football have?

3 the inside rubber the outside rubber and the stitches

Should you play football with stitches in your forehead?

No, because with stitches in your head, they can get undone and make you bleed

How do the last stitches in a football get done?

by a special thread

What is the total number of stitches on an American league football?


How many stitches are on a cricket ball?

approximately 55 stitches

How many stitches does a baseball have?

A baseball has 108 double stitches.

How many stitches does Bella get when she hit's her head?

zero stitches

How many stitches are on a softball?

88 there is 88 stitches on a softball

How many stitches are on a 11 in softball?

160 stitches are on a 11 in softball

How long until you can play football again after stitches in your foot come out?

It really depends on why the stitches were in there. If the stitches were there due to surgical implication i.e. fracture bone, ligament or tendon rupture, then you need to go through an appropriate amount of physical therapy to gain motion and strength back to the foot and ankle. If the stitches were there because you cut your foot on something, once the stitches come out, as long as the skin is closed you can play football. If you are worried, you can use krazy glue on the area that had the stitches or place a bandage on the area. I have had athletes play with stitches on as long as the area was well padded and bandaged up.

How long until I can play football again after stitches below my knee come out?

It depends what you did to it and how long the stitches have been in but for 95% of injuries if you've already had stitches I wouldn't say longer than a month but I'm not a doctor

What is the average cost for receiving stitches at a hospital?

This would be hard to determine because it depends on how many stitches, and where the stitches are on your body.

How many stitches used to be on a major league baseball?

There are 108 double stitches on a baseball (Some say 216 stitches

How many stitches on a baseball?

108 stitches in total but, only 106 visible.

How many stitches are there in a hand knitted jumper?

About 75000 stitches

How many stitches on an MLB baseball?

There are 108 "double" stitches on an MLB baseball.

How many syllables does stitches have?

The word stitches has two syllables. (stitch-es)

How many stitches on MLB baseball?

There are 108 "double" stitches on an MLB Baseball.

How many stiches on a Major League Baseball?

108 double stitches or 216 stitches

What are the materials needed in a playing football?

In a official football: Leather made from cowhide, a plastic-type balloon which the air goes, and a lot of stitches.

How do you tell how many crochet stitches you have done?

You can tell how many crochet stitches you have done by counting the chains on the top of the stitch.