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How many stores does Sony have?


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Sony has less stores than they did in the past. The 26 locations are the Sony Stores for individuals. There are also 16 Sony outlets with Clearance and refurbished items not included on the list

  • Canoga Park, Topanga Plaza
  • Costa Mesa, South Coast Plaza
  • Glendale, The Americana at Brand
  • Los Angeles, Beverly Center
  • Los Angeles, Century City
  • Palo Alto, Stanford Shopping Center
  • San Diego, Fashion Valley
  • Santa Clara, Valley Fair
  • Denver, Cherry Creek Shopping Center
  • Boca Raton, Town Center at Boca Raton
  • Miami, Aventura Mall
  • Orlando, The Mall at Millenia
  • Tampa, International Plaza & Bay Street
  • Boston, Copley Place
  • Las Vegas, The Forum Shops at Caesars
New Jersey
  • Edison, Menlo Park Mall
New York
  • Garden City, Roosevelt Field
  • New York, Sony Plaza
  • Philadelphia, The Market at Comcast Center
  • Dallas, Galleria Dallas
  • Houston, Houston Galleria
  • San Antonio, The Shops at La Cantera
  • The Woodlands, The Woodlands Mall
  • Arlington, The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
  • McLean, Tysons Corner Center
  • Seattle, University Village
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You can find jobs and employment information at Sony stores by personally asking the manager about job opportunities. Another option is to visit the Sony website and visit the "Sony Careers" center where you can explore several job opportunities.

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