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Q: How many student do georgetown university holds?
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How many students are in Georgetown University?

7,500 undergrads

How many international students attend georgetown university?

how many international students attend sfs

How many men's basketball NCAA championships has Georgetown University won?

Georgetown has won only one NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in 1984.

How many student are in University of Virginia?


What colleges are in Virginia?

Virginia has many fine colleges. Some are the Marine Corps University, University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, and Georgetown University.

Which college has the most prestigious business administration degree?

Georgetown University in Washington, DC is considered by many to be one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. Many CEOs from the largest corporations in the world are graduates of Georgetown.

What is Georgetown known for?

It is known for it's storied basketball program. It is known for being a very religious school. It is known for being in our nation's capital. Georgetown's nickname is the Hoyas, a hoya is a type of evergreen shrub. These are just several of the many things that Georgetown University is known for.

How many Georgetown's are there in the US?

There are 43 Georgetown's in the United States. These Georgetown locations are in 29 states, and although not a state there is also a Georgetown location in Washington D.C.

How many states have a town called Georgetown?

Texas also has a Georgetown

How many NCAA titles has Georgetown won?

As of the 2008 March Madness, Georgetown has won the NCAA Division I basketball championship once, that being in 1984 when they defeated the University of Houston in the championship game 84-75.

How many school did Jackie Kennedy went?

Jackie attended Chaplin Shool, Miss Potter´s School, Armsholder School, Vassar University, Sorbonne, and Georgetown University.

How many student in arni university indora himachal in MBA it?


How many people attend Chico state university?

how many student attend chico state

Who found Georgetown?

If you're referring to Georgetown Ontario, that would be George Kennedy. Although there are many places called Georgetown all over the world.

What is the ACt requirement for georgetown university?

I do not know the exact ACT requirement for Georgetown University. But you definitely need to get good grades. A good GPA and a good ACT score are necessary. After you accomplish this, start thinking about ways you can separate yourself from the competition. Extracurricular activities are very important. Lastly, make sure you want to go to Georgetown University. I know many students that thought they wanted to go to their dream school, but when they got in and went to that school, they were disappointed. You can get information about the academic requirements here: and reviews of Georgetown University by actual students here:

Who are some of the notable alumni of Georgetown University Law Center?

Many of the notable alumni of Georgetown University Law Center have gone on to become United States Representatives for their state including Bob Barr (Georgia),J. Caleb Boggs (Delaware), Michael N. Castle (Delaware) and John Dingell (Michigan).

What GPA is needed to get into Penn State university?

Penn State University looks at many factors when a student applies for admission. The average student accepted into the college has a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Student teacher ratio for Ohio State university?

how many boys and girls attend Ohio state university

What does it mean if many university girls blush dark green with only a male university student?

their gonna be sick lol :)

How many people live in Georgetown?


How many US Presidents attended Georgetown University?

2 Presidents have attended G-town. 1) Lyndon B. Johnson and 2) Bill Clinton

How many sports are in Georgetown?

there are six, in gorgetown Ohio

What are some storage companies from Georgetown?

There are many storage companies located in Georgetown. Some of these companies include but are not limited to U--Haul, McDonald Self Storage, Absolute Storage, and Georgetown Moving.

How many Number of seats in Kiit university for btech are present?

hii i am kiit university student reading mechanical engg. there r about 3 thousand plus student reading in this college . Its placement r fake how many student r selectected in kiit campus by tcs lose there jobs after training.

How many student West Virginia university?

West Virginia University is located in Morgantown, Virginia. The University has total enrollment of 30,000 students which includes 22,500 undergraduate students.