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"Stanford has received 30,349 applications for undergraduate admission to the Class of 2013, a 20 percent increase over last year's total and an all-time high. " See:

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Q: How many students apply to Stanford university a year?
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How many students are attending Stanford university?

how many students attend Stanford uiniversity? how many students attend Stanford uiniversity?

How many students are enrolled in Stanford University?


How many students attend at Stanford university?


How many students out of every 100 are accepted in to Stanford university?

I is 9.9% DUMMIES!

How many students go to Stanford?

In the Common Data Set 2013-2014 provided by Stanford University, the total number of enrolled students is 18,136. That total includes 7,061 undergraduate and 11,075 graduate students.

How many students attend phoenix university in the US?

Apply direct to university

How many students apply each year at university of Arizona?

More than 5000 students apply each year

About how many students apply to pepperdine university?

100% of people apply 100% of people apply 100% of people apply

How many students apply to the university of Oregon each year?

A lot!!!!!!!!!!!

How many students apply at Yale University each year?

i think that there is a millon

What is the percent of students living on campus in Stanford?

Stanford welcomes more than 150,000 students to the campus anually. So there are probably many, many, many students there each year.

How many students get accepted into Stanford university each year?

Roughly 2,000 bright intellectuals out of approximately 20,000 applications.

How many students apply to university of Washington each year?

numbers from tha alphbet

How many students out of 100 get accepted to rutger's university?

I believe 57% of students who apply get accepted so 57/100.

How many acres is Stanford University?

Stanford University is situated in the center of the San Francisco Peninsula. The campus covers a total of 8,180 acres. Stanford University was founded in 1891.

Can college students get jobs at Stanford?

College is expensive, and many students need to work while at the same time getting an education. Therefore, many schools around the country, including Stanford University, offer student work programs, allowing students to get jobs with flexible hours so the work doesn't interfere with their studies.

How many undergraduates are there at the Stanford University?

How many miles are between Stanford University and The University of Albuquerque?


How many students get accepted to Stanford each year?

In 2013, almost 39,000 students applied to Stanford. About 2,200 of these were admitted, and only 1,677 actually entered.

How many kids get a full ride to Stanford every year?

About 50% of students at Stanford receive financial aid.

About how many students apply to Princeton university every year?

18,891 students applied in 2007 -- eight percent more than the 17,478 in 2006.

How many students Marshall university?

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How many people apply to Sam Houston State University?

About 16,785 students applied and only 10,567 were accepted

How many students apply for the University of Florida every year?

Twenty four thousand one hundred twenty six

Is Stanford University also a college?

Universities are made up of colleges. Stanford is made up of many colleges.