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I guess you mean in Mexico City. The Mexico City Metro (officially Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro) consists of 11 lines, 163 stations and a total length of 202 Kilometers (126 miles). Its daily ridership amounts for some 3.88 million people.

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Q: How many subway lines are their in Mexico?
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Where is the subway stop for Bella Artes in Mexico City?

"Metro Bellas Artes" (Lines 2 and 8):

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How many trains run along the middle of the Mexico city metro?

The Mexico City subway has a rolling stock of 355 trains and approximately 2858 wagons.

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Why is Mexico city subway important?

It is an important transportation mode for the 21.16 million inhabitants in greater Mexico City, as approximately 3.86 million (18%) of them use the subway system on a daily basis.

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How will Mexico City's new subway help the city?

I guess you mean the new subway line (Linea 12), as the subway or metro has already been running since 1969. It will connect the metro grid to the southeastern communities of greater Mexico City, including Culhuacan, Tlaltenco and Tlahuac and relieving the Mexico City road system of some 450,000 travelers each day.

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How many people live in Mexico City?

None. It is a subway. As such, it is not recognized as home to anyone. If you mean the metropolitan area, then the population is around 21.16 million.

What is the name of the city in the northeastern of Mexico?

There are many of them. You are asking something on the lines of 'what is the city northeastern of the US'.

How many oldest Mexico metro?

The first three lines were finished on June 10, 1972.

How many main line telephones are in Mexico?

Approximately 19.68 million land lines (2012).

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Do people in Mexico travel by plane?

Yes. There have been airlines in Mexico since 1921. There are many intra-national lines such as Volaris and Interjet, as well as larger lines such as Aeromexico that also serve other countries. There are also foreign lines such as Continental, Air France and British Airways which also connect Mexico with their respective host countries.

How many people live in Mexico city's metro?

None. It is a subway. As such, it is not recognized as home to anyone. If you mean the metropolitan area, then the population is around 21.16 million.