How many super volcanoes are there all together in the world?

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There are seven super volcanoes (or megacaldera) in the world.
  1. Yellowstone,
  2. Long Valley, and
  3. Valles Calderas in the United States;
  4. Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia;
  5. Taupo Volcano, North Island, New Zealand;
  6. Aira Caldera, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan; and the
  7. Siberian Traps, Russia.

There are actually 22 but most are inactive.
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There are seven super volcanoes (or megacaldera) in the world. . Yellowstone, . Long Valley, and . Valles Calderas in the United States; . Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indo

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What are the six super volcanoes of the world?

They are: 1. Yellowstone Caldera (Idaho and Wyoming, US) 2. Long Valley Caldera (California, US) 3. Valles Caldera (New Mexico, US) 4. Toba Caldera (Sumatra, Indonesia
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