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How many superbowls have the saints won?


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The New Orleans Saints have won 1 SuperBowl, on the 7th of February, 2010.

Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints

Colts 17 Saints 31

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The Saints have won 1 Super Bowl.

They have won a total of three Superbowls. (I, II, and XXXI)

2 Quarterbacks have won three superbowls.

Jim Kelly won zero superbowls as the Buffalo Bills won zero superbowls.

all of them San Diego Charges won at least 14 superbowls.

Well the Patriots have only won 3 superbowls and played in 6

Pittsburgh has won 6 superbowls.

The 49ers haev won 5 superbowls.

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The AFC has won 21 superbowls compared to the NFC who has won 24

Six - they lost Superbowls XII, XXI, XXII, and XXIV, then won Superbowls XXXII and XXXIII.

They have won 3 superbowls

Cowboys have won 5 superbowls, the Redskins have won 3.

The Detroit Lions have won 0 super bowls(s) in their franchise history.

The Oakland Raiders have won three Super Bowls (in 1976, 1980, and 1983).

As of 8-21-09 they have won 2. One in 1970 & and one in 2006.

The Oakland Raiders have Won 3 Superbowls but they Suck still

The San Diego Chargers have won 0 superbowls. They have played in only 1 (SB XXIX) losing to Steve Young's San Francisco 49ers 49-26

played in eight superbowls, won five

The Denver Broncos have won two Superbowls and four additional AFC championships.

The Saints have only won the Super Bowl once.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won 6 super Bowls and lost 1.Pittsburg have won 6 Superbowls

San Francisco has won 4 Superbowls

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