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How many table spoons to equil15 milliliters?

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1 tablespoon of water is equal to 15 ml.

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10 milliliters is 0.68 tablespoon.

40 ml of water is equal to 2.822 tablespoons.

The answer to "how many table spoons is in a cup?" is 16........The answer to "how many table spoons is in a cup?" is 16........The answer to "how many table spoons is in a cup?" is 16........

One ounce = 30 milliliters = one table spoon.

there is... 50000000000000 table spoons in 25ml s lol i dont know!

how many cups in ten table spoons

im guessing like two or three table spoons

10.7 table spoons in a cup as 1 cup (236.5882 milileters) has 16 table spoons.

5 table spoons make 100 graoms because 20 g is 1 tablespoon

5 Table Spoons.To find out anything like this ask google, type in:"2.5oz = ? Table Spoons" And It will give you the answer.Cheers.

To be exact: 11.999999999976 table spoons = 2 fl oz. So essentially 12tsp.

15 milliliters is three teaspoons.

My basic soup spoons hold 10 ml.

There are 8 table spoons in one stick. One stick equals 1/4 pound. There is 32 table spoons in a pound. So 4 pounds would be 128 table spoons.

There are 30 tablespoons in a quart.

A cup is 16 tablespoons.

Roughly half a tablespoon

An ounce of water is about 2 tablespoons

17 and a half table spoons

50 ml is how many table spoons?

256 tablespoons in a US gallon.

2.5 mill equals a table spoon.

There are 16 table spoons in 8 ounces (1 table spoon = 1/2 ounce) :) ((I'm getting all of this information from a Fanny Farmer cook book))

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