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Q: How many tatami mats make up a traditional Japanese tea room?
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What are the features of a traditional Japanese house?

One of the features of Japanese traditional house is the floor is covered with straw mats (tatami) and the other feature is it use sliding door (shoji screen).Many traditional houses have a small area (a bit like a shrine) to pray to ancestors and to God.

What components of traditional Japanese culture are still inherent to Japanese family life today?

A lot of components of traditional Japanese life have been westernized. The current Japanese family life is a mixture of both traditional Japanese life and western life. Food: Most Japanese eat both traditional Japanese food and western food. Many Japanese have coffee and toast for breakfast, but have traditional Japanese food for lunch and dinner. Clothes: Most Japanese wear western style clothes. Traditional clothes are worn on special occasions such as New Year's day, wedding ceremonies, funerals etc. Housing: Most Japanese houses have at least one Japanese style room with tatami mats, shoji, fusuma, and tokonoma. The rest of the house are western style rooms with carpets or hard wood floor with tables and chairs. One must take off his shoes when one enters a Japanese house.

After World War 2 many Japanese famlies changed their traditional ways?

everthing changed and it was hell for the japanese people of that time the ways that they changed were only traditional to their family or to the country.

Is Japanese food considered a delicacy?

To people who don't live in Japan and, thus, do not have access to traditional Japanese foods, many Japanese foods are considered delicacies.

How many different types of Japanese dancing are there?

There are 2 types of traditional dance of japan .

Where can one purchase Tatami mats?

The places to purchase Tatami mats are many and varied. The best place to start would be Amazon. If you are on a tight budget, a good place to try would eBay.

What do Japanese homes look like?

Todayâ??s Japanese homes tend to have Western-styled rooms with wooden floors, and are constructed with steel pillars. A common feature is that they have many sliding doors. Families in urban areas live in apartment buildings. Traditional Japanese homes tend to be made of wood and are supported by wooden pillars, they often have dividing screens to divide rooms. Usually at least one room has a floor covered in tatami mats. Shoes are not worn in the home. They are taken off at the entrance, and many people put on slippers for indoor use.

Traditional food for Japanese?

Sushi. there are many types of sushi...nigiri sushi, maki sushi...etc

What is Japanese music like?

Traditional Japanese music is usually flowing, soft, quiet, and relaxing. Many of the traditional instruments are either woodwind or string. Most resemble either flutes or something that looks like a lute (a medieval "guitar" or "banjo").

How many syllabes does a traditional haiku written in Japanese usually have?

A traditional Japanese haiku has three lines. The first and third lines have five syllables, while the second line has seven syllables. They do not usually rhyme but on can. As the short answer to your question there are seventeen syllables.

What is Japanese-sponsored republic?

This is a republic that is owned or overseen by Japan. It will still hold many of the same traditional values as Japan.

What is the favorite food of the Japanese?

Many enjoy traditional rice dishes including sushi. And there's a growing market for beef.

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