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How many teaspoons equal one pound?



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There are 96 teaspoons in one pound.

The teaspoon is a measure of volume and the pound is a measure of mass, so they are not strictly interconvertible. If you know the density in some measurement system, you can convert mass to volume of what you want to measure. Roughly speaking, a tsp is 5 ml, which is a little more than 1/100 lb (1 lb of water, density 1 g/ml, is 454 g). So, the answer of 96 tsp/lb checks for water. There would be less tsp/lb mercury because it is very dense and conversely, more tsp/lb for unpacked flour, which is less dense than water. By knowing the density in g/ml, which is probably easier to find than in lb/tsp, you can now do the conversion using 1 tsp water (at 1 g/ml) = 4.9 ml for anything. It should be pointed out that these calculations are approximate and will be affected to varying degrees by the temperature (coefficient of expansion), for example.