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Q: How many teats do holland lop rabbits have?
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How many teats on a Holland lop?

There are eight but a holland lop is so small they usually do not have eight babies.

What animals are rabbits?

Holland Lop Rabbits And more on www.Holland Lop

What is the scientific genus for Holland Lops?

Holland Lop rabbits are the smallest and most popular of pet rabbits. The scientific genus for a Holland lop is Oryctolagus.

Do holland lop rabbits shed?


What are the 2 species of lop-eared rabbits?

Holland lop French lop English Lop Mini Lop

What is a lop eared rabbit's last height?

The rabbit would grow about 13-16 pounds it just depends on the breed. There are so many breeds like Holland Lop rabbits, Mini Lop rabbits, English Lop rabbits French Lop rabbits, and American Fuzzy Lop rabbits. These breeds of lop eared rabbits are just in the US.

Where do dwarf lop-eared rabbits come from?

Dwarf lop eared rabbits (I assume you are talking about Holland Lops) were created by many years of crossbreeding dwarf rabbits and Mini Lops.

How long do dwarf lop eared rabbits live?

Holland Lop rabbits have the same life expectancy as other rabbits. 3-8 years.

Can you eat a Holland lop?

you should not eat them. they are not meat rabbits.

Do Pets at Home sell Dwarf Holland Lop rabbits?


Can holland lop rabbits eat leaves of celery?


What kind of rabbits have floppy ears?

there are mutable types of rabbits to be sbusific......47 and the lop eard rabbits are Holland lop [the smallest] mini lop [in the middle] English lop [the 2ed biggest] french lop [the biggest] hopes this helps!!

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