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There are a large number of plates which vary considerably in size. Below is a list of most of the larger tectonic plates:

Plate Area (Sq Km)

African - 61,334,000

Antarctic - 60,916,000

Arabian - 5,010,900

Australian - 47,152,000

Caribbean - 3,319,000

Cocos - 2,860,000

Eurasian - 67,811,000

Indian - 11,920,000

Juan de Fuca - 252,000

Nazca - 15,630,000

North American - 75,888,000

Pacific - 103,280,000

Philippine - 5,447,000

Scotia - 1,651,000

Somali - 16,667,000

South American - 43,617,000

Bismark microplate - 286,000

Burma microplate - 1,110,000

Caroline microplate - 1,720,000

Easter microplate - 133,000

Explorer microplate - 18,400

Fiji microplates - 1,144,000

Galapagos microplate - 12,000

Gorda microplate - 69,600

Juan Fernandez microplate - 96,000

Mariana microplate - 364,000

Rivera microplate - 73,000

Solomon microplate - 254,000

South Sandwich microplate - 166,000

Tonga microplate - 962,000

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How many tectonic plates do we have?

The earth has a total of 15 tectonic plates, including primary and secondary plates.

How many tectonic plates are made of only oceanic crust?

how many tectonic plates are made of oceanic crust

How many directions can tectonic plates move?

Tectonic plates can move in 1000 ways!

How many tectonic plates are there on earth?

there are 15 tectonic plates that make up the earth.

How many tectonic plates are located in Bali?

Bali is located on two tectonic plates.

How many tectonic plates are in the world?

There are 5 big tectonic plates and 12 other small tectonic plates. Totally make upto 17 tectonic plates. Also, known as 'Litospheric Plates', their movement is the main cause of Earthquakes.

What are tectonic plantes?

Tectonic plates are plates that float on the earths mantle. There are 8 major tectonic plates on the earth and at the joints of these many earthquakes seem to occur.

How is lithosphere divided and how many plates were there?

Tectonic plates, 3 plates

What are tectonic plates called?

tectonic plates

What is the difference between Continental plates and Tectonic plates?

Continental plates are tectonic plates. They are tectonic plates upon which continents rest, and they move as do all tectonic plates. Basically, there is no difference, other than the fact that oceanic plates are another type of tectonic plate.

What triggers the earthquake?

Earth is made up of many tectonic plates. When these plates shift, earthquakes happen. The tectonic plates are always moving, but most of the earthquakes are tremors (depends on how close you are to the place the tectonic plates are shifting).

How do you put tectonic plates in a sentence?

When I first saw you, I was certain that the tectonic plates had just shifted. The Earth's lithosphere is made up of seven or eight major, and many minor tectonic plates.

Earth's crust is divided into many different tectonic 'what'?

Tectonic or lithospheric plates.

How many major tectonic plates in the US?

There is one tectonic plate in the U.S.

What causes friction on tectonic plates?

the movement of tectonic plates

Earthquakes occur mainly allong the edges of?

Tectonic plates and fault lines created by the movement of tectonic plates.

How many tectonic plates are on earth?


How many layers does the tectonic plates have?


What can tectonic plates also be called instead of tectonic plates?

Tectonic plates are also "Continental Crust" and "Oceanic Crust". Also lithospheric plates.

Can tectonic plates known as crustle plates?

Yes, tectonic plates are also known as crustal plates.

What is the name of Mt.Fuji's tectonic plates?

Fuji's tectonic plates are callled plates of tectonicinsm

Who named the tectonic plates tectonic and why?

harry hess named the tectonic plates but I'm not sure why =/

What is a tectonic plate and what creates tectonic plates?

ThE tEcT0nIc plAtes are the plates which move around the earth and earthquake creates tectonic plate

What is the difference between a tectonic hazard and a tectonic event?

a tectonic hazard is a disaster caused by the moving of tectonic plates.....anda tectonic activity is the moving of tectonic plates........

How do tectonic plates affect tornadoes?

Tectonic plates do not affect tornadoes.