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32 if you count wisdom teeth, also called 3rd molars 28 if you are born without wisdom teeth or have them removed due to lack of room

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There are 32 teeth in the adult mouth There are 32 teeth in the adult mouth There are only 31 teeth in my mouth

32 teeth in an adult human head (mouth)

Teeth? Barring having their wisdom teeth removed (or never came in), an adult has 32 teeth and a child has 20 teeth in a full mouth.

baby teeth there are 20. Adult teeth 32

Approximately 32 teeth are in an adult's mouth

the average human has 32 adult teeth and 20 baby teeth

A normal adult mouth has 32 teeth

Including wisdom teeth, adult humans should have 32 teeth

The average adult has a total of 32 teeth including wisdom teeth.

Including wisdom teeth, adult humans should have 32 teeth.

For a full grown adult, there is 36 teeth in total.

Adult- 32 Children- 20

16 when adult / teen, not sure how many when baby

we human beings have at least 34

An adult has 32 unless he has lost some.

Most people will develop a total of 32 'adult' teeth. Many have the last 4 of these - known as wisdom teeth removed. The number in your mouth depends on your age and dental health.

Full adult dentition is considered to be 32 teeth (includes third molars)

there are 3 types of teeth in a humans mouth

THere are thirty-two teeth total in an adult mouth. However, twenty eight are fine too. the four remaing are the Wisdom teeth, which often have to be removed due to over crowd in the mouth, or just never develope or come through the gum.

A child normally has 20 milk teeth, by the time they reach adulthood they should have 32 adult teeth.

It depends on what type of dolphinIT IS LIKE A BABY OR AN ADULT .BUT AN AVERAGE DOLPHIN HAS 250 TEETH

The normal complement of teeth in adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32. Some people do not get wisdom teeth (3rd molars) and their normal dentition is 28.

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