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How many teeth do 8 cats have?

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Each adult cat has 30 teeth, so 8 adult cats would have 240 teeth altogether.

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All cats have teeth so i think what you want to ask is how many teeth do domestic cats have and the answer is 30

snap turtles and cats if you pull out some

Of course they do! Cats have 30 teeth.

An adult cat with all its teeth will have 30 teeth, 16 in its upper jaw and 14 in its lower jaw. Many cats have teeth extracted, however, due to tooth decay, and many will lose teeth for other reasons.

Cats don't have very big teeth.

Dogs Have Stronger Teeth Than Cats And Have More Teeth Than Cats. Cats Have Sharper Teeth. But Wild Dogs Such As The African Wild Dog Has More Teeth And Stronger Teeth Than Domestic Dogs. Also Sharper Than Both Domestic Dogs And Cats.

All cats, no matter what breed, have 30 adult teeth.

Many animal teeth (cats) are much sharper than the same teeth in humans.

All adult domestic cats have thirty teeth: Four canines, twelve incisors, ten premolars and four molars.

Two sets: kitten and adult.

we have 20 primary teeth. 8 incisors 4 canines 8 molars

Cats have longer teeth toward the edges of their mouth known as canine teeth, cuspits, doogteeth, eye teeth, or fangs.

Yes cats do grow new teeth when they loose their first ones.

Yes, all adult cats of all breeds have 30 teeth.

I would start by taking 8 girls by 8 cats, which equals 64 big cats. 64 big cats times 8 little cats is 512 little cats. That means 64 big cats and 8 people and 512 little cats. That is 576 cats and 8 girls. The 8 girls have 16 legs and the 576 cats have 2304 legs. That means that there are 2320 legs in all. That is plenty of legs. I wonder how the bus held so many? Or the back-packs for that matter.

Teeth are generally always strong compared to other bones in the body. Cats' teeth are no exception. As long as the teeth are in good shape, they should be strong.

people have 0-8 wisdom teeth!

Kittens have 26 deciduous teeth, and adult cats have 30 permanent teeth. All breeds of domestic cat have the same number of teeth.

There are many breeds of cats. There is about 84 types. But there is about 8 different types of coats on cats.

My daughter who is 8 has 24 teeth. Next teeth to come in will be her 12 year molars. So she is set for awhile.

Yes, cat grass does help to clean your cats teeth.

He had around 8 to 10 false teeth.

When a cat's teeth are protruding, it is known as "wry bite" and prevents normal eating and drinking. Special braces are made for cats to fix the teeth.

Cats are carnivores because they have teeth specially designed for ripping, tearing, and gripping meat. Your carnivorous teeth are in the front of your mouth (the pointy ones) and your herbivorous teeth are in the back (flat teeth) .

34-44 teeth. Depends on their species. They have 8 good canine teeth for digging.

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