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as many as he/she still have,plus in growing permanent teeth

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Q: How many teeth does a 12 year old have?
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How many teeth should a 11 year old have lost?

You should have lost about 12 teeth at the minimum

How teeth should a 12 year old have?

Well, it depends if you have your 12 year old molars. If you do you should have 28 if not you would have 24 teeth.

How many teeth a 8 year old have?

My daughter who is 8 has 24 teeth. Next teeth to come in will be her 12 year molars. So she is set for awhile.

How many teeth should a 12 year child have?

Well my daughter is 12 years old So i just recently counted her teeth and she had about 28-30 teeth.

If a kids still got 9 baby teeth and he is 12 year old will that stop his grow till his real teeth come in?

No, when i was 12 i had nearly that many teeth and all my are in now

How many baby teeth do you lose?

you lose 12 baby teeth Not exactly, my 9 year old just lost her 16th tooth!

How many teeth does an average 12 month old have?

a 12 month old has about 5 to 4 mabey 6 teeth by that age.

A type of molar teeth right at the back of the mouth?

It depends how old u are. If your 8 it is your 8 year old molars. If your 12 it is your 12 year old molars. If your 14 or older I think they are your wisdom teeth.

When does a child normally lose their baby teeth?

About 13 to 14 years of age because you figure you get your 12 year old molers, you'll probably lose the rest of your teeth and your 12 year old molers in a year or two.

How can a 12-year-old girl get her teeth white if for years she has forgotten about brushing?

There is probably no hope for that 12-year-old girl if she is saying she "forgot" about brushing..........

How many teeth should a 13 year old have?

The second permanent molars come in around the ages of 12-13. That will give you 28 teeth total, until your wisdom teeth come in

Do you lose your 12 year old molars?

Only if you have them extracted. They erupt as permanent teeth.

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