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How many teeth does a typical nine year old have?


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I think its 24


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A typical nine year old will be very active and inquisitive. The child will ask you many questions and will explore their new surroundings often.

A nine year old should still have some baby teeth present.

There is no set number of teeth a person looses a year. In general it's safe to say a child looses from 1-3 teeth a year. Though, some get teeth later than the norm and some earlier so if they were late on getting teeth they could be loosing a lot more than 1-3 teeth when they're nine. Hope this helped.

Yes if he didn't lose any baby teeth

eleven year lods have about 24 teeth

It all depends on the breed. The typical age is anywhere from 8-14 months.They loose there teeth when they are aproximatly 1 year old

There are about 24 teeth in a regular 11 year olds mouth.

a 10 year old should have 28 teeth

Yes, of course....some children never lose all their baby teeth and carry them into adulthood.

as many as he/she still have,plus in growing permanent teeth

A 10 year old supposed to have 24 to 28 teeth.

My daughter who is 8 has 24 teeth. Next teeth to come in will be her 12 year molars. So she is set for awhile.

about 26 unless they have some baby teeth out. ^_^

There is 26 teeth in a 11 year old mouth.

there's got to be 24 teeth in your mouth

They have about 9 baby teeth and 11 grown-up teeth.

No. Nine year old girls are far too young to be having intercourse. That is considered child abuse. The typical age of consent is 18 years old.

your suppose to have 28 teeth if you have only 24 teeth you are missing 2 teeth at the top and 2 teeth at the bottom

A child being 10 year old should have 28 teeth.

it depends, well i had all my baby teeth when i was 3

A ten year old should lose 20 teeth and a ten year old should have 24 teeth

A seven year old could have anywhere between 24 and 28 teeth. It depends on the child and if they have lost most of their teeth.

In the typical year there are 8,760 hours. In a leap year, there are 8,784 hours.

16 is not the correct answer, as a 2 1/2 year healthy child should have about 20 teeth, so if a 9 year old child has 16 teeth, then they are very ill, as they should have from 24 - 28 teeth

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