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The second permanent molars come in around the ages of 12-13. That will give you 28 teeth total, until your wisdom teeth come in

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a 10 year old should have 28 teeth

A ten year old should lose 20 teeth and a ten year old should have 24 teeth

A child being 10 year old should have 28 teeth.

A three year old should have 20 teeth. (They should all be in by the time he/she is two)

You should have lost about 12 teeth at the minimum

An average two year old child should have all his 20 primary teeth in his mouth.

16 is not the correct answer, as a 2 1/2 year healthy child should have about 20 teeth, so if a 9 year old child has 16 teeth, then they are very ill, as they should have from 24 - 28 teeth

Normally children have 20 baby teeth by the time they are 3.

Well, it depends if you have your 12 year old molars. If you do you should have 28 if not you would have 24 teeth.

Depends, how many times do you hit it?

A 13 year old boy should not have yellow teeth. If a 13 year old boy has yellow teeth, it is probably ideal that he start brushing them more often and see a dentist.

There isn't a specific answer because we all loose teeth around that age but they should have lost at least 3 baby teeth by now.

A 10 year old supposed to have 24 to 28 teeth.

eleven year lods have about 24 teeth

A nine year old should still have some baby teeth present.

Well my daughter is 12 years old So i just recently counted her teeth and she had about 28-30 teeth.

well different tweens and teens get all their adult teeth at different ages. most should have all their adult teeth by age 14 at the latest.

as many as he/she still have,plus in growing permanent teeth

Incisors are the four front teeth found in each jaw. They should be in by age 2 years for the primary or baby teeth and 7-8 years for the secondary teeth. A six year old may have a mixture of primary and secondary teeth.

There are about 24 teeth in a regular 11 year olds mouth.

it depends. If the child doesnt pull the teeth out then they should still have quite a few baby teeth, but they should have some adult teeth too. It is best if you teach your child not the twist and pull the teeth out before they are ready because it could result in crooked teeth.

There is 26 teeth in a 11 year old mouth.

there's got to be 24 teeth in your mouth

about 26 unless they have some baby teeth out. ^_^

it depends, well i had all my baby teeth when i was 3

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