How many thermal power stations are in Pakistan and give some details of those thermal power station?

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Project Date of Contract Description Date of Completion Guddu Thermal Power Station Unit No.4, Pakistan (210MW, Oil-fired) 1983 Surveying, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installation, commissioning, personnel-training <center> 1986.6</center> Jamshoro Thermal Power Station Unit No.2, Pakistan (210MW, Oil/gas-fired) 1987 <center> Turn-key project</center> 1989.12.3 Jamshoro Thermal Power Station Unit No.3, Pakistan (210MW, Oil/gas-fired) <center> 1987</center> 1990.6.7 Jamshoro Thermal Power Station Unit No.4, Pakistan (210MW, Oil/gas-fired) <center> 1987</center> 1991.1.21 Chittagong Thermal Power Station Unit No.1, Bangladesh (210MW, Gas-fired)  <center> 1989.11.17</center> 1993.4.18 Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station Unit No.5, Pakistan (210MW, Oil/gas-fired) <center> 1991.9</center> 1995.2.14 Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station Unit No.6, Pakistan (210MW, Oil/gas-fired) <center> 1991.9</center> 1995.8.14 Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station Unit No.4, Pakistan (320MW, Oil/gas-fired)  <center> 1993.5</center> 1996.12 Chittagong Thermal Power Station Unit No.2, Bangladesh (210MW, Gas-fired) <center> 1994.7</center> 1997.7 Kuching Thermal Power Station Unit No.1, Malaysia (50MW, Coal-fired) <center> 1994.11.22 1994.5.8</center> <center> 1997.7</center> Kuching Thermal Power Station Unit No.2, Malaysia (50MW, Coal-fired) 1994.11.22 1994.5.8 <center> 1997.9</center> Power Plant Air Cooling System, Iran 1996.7 Complete equipment for 14 sets of air cooling system <center>  1999.12</center> Thermal Power Station Units 1 &2 (2×325MW), Azerbaijan, Iran 1997.3 Survey, design, manufacture, supply, supervision of installation, commissioning, testing, etc. <center> Scheduled in Dec. 2002</center> Diesel Power Station 2×6600KW Ahead, Sudan 1998.3 <center> Turn-key project</center> Scheduled in Dec. 2002 Iraq Gas Turbine Generating Set (6x37MW) <center> 1998.8</center> 2000.8 Philippines Oil-fired Thermal Power Plant (2x15KW) <center> 1997</center>
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What are the problems of thermal power stations?

The stations letting CO2 gas out to the atmosphere to act as a blanket or a green house so this makes our earth warmer and this stations damage our plants and animals.

What is a thermal station?

A thermal power station comprises all of the equipment and systems required to produce electicity by using a steam generating boiler fired with fossil fuels or biofuels to drive an electrical generator. Such power stations are most usually constructed on a very large scale and designed for con ( Full Answer )

How do thermal power stations work?

it works by you cooking your own poo in the oven mixed in with some chicken you then use the energy from the poo to heat up your house and you also have your dinner chicken

Emission of thermal power plant?

Emissions from a thermal power plant can be characterized generally (and in relative amounts of mass emitted) as: CO2 - Carbon Dioxide. Formed when you burn anything containing carbon including coal, oil, natural gas, wood, biomass. CO2 is the largest emitted greenhouse gas from a thermal power p ( Full Answer )

What is solar thermal power?

It is called Solar thermal. Solar power can refer to the other type of solar energy which produces electricity. A solar thermal system is uses the suns heat to heat water in a storage vessel. Normally solar thermal is used to heat domestic hot water, but if a larger system is fitted it can contri ( Full Answer )

What is thermal power plant?

a modern pulverized coal-fired electricity generation facility that uses the most commonly employed rankine basedthermodynamic system

How many power stations are there in the world?

\n . \n . There are 6,600 operational power plants producing at least one mw in the USA. . Globally there are over 2,300 coal fired power stations (source: . The above excludes, geothermal, nuclear, gas, hydro and other forms of re ( Full Answer )

Where is the Kayamkulam thermal power station located?

It is near the town of Haripad in Travancore. . The large National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plant at Kayamkulam is situated near to Haripad. There is also a good railway station in Haripad. . Haripad assembly constituency is part of Alappuzha (Lok Sabha constituency).

Thermal power station advantages and disadvantages?

well, stations always take up room for the environment which could be cultivated for the use of growing food etc. which is a great disadvange is our day and age, as food is neseccary to live.. However, this could create more jobs for a lot of people thus increasing in a good way our current economi ( Full Answer )

How many power stations are there in England?

The link below gives all electricity producing plants in the UK. Many are very small wind or hydro plants, but you can extract the identities of larger plants if that is what you are after. See Table DUKES 5.11 from the list of tables.

How many power station are there in the UK?

If you mean nuclear stations, there are AGR's at the following: Dungeness B, Hinkley B, Hunterston B, Hartlepool, Heysham 1, Heysham 2, and Torness for a total of 14 reactors. Most of the magnox reactors are now shutdown. I believe Wylfa is the only one still operating. There is also a PWR operating ( Full Answer )

List four costs of using fossil fuels in thermal power stations?

Carbon Dioxide, particular matter, mercury and radioactive trace elements are released/emitted from the fossil fuel thermal power stations and cause damage to the environment. Also, paying for the fuel, clean up and remediation of pollution-prevention. :)

Name the two nuclear power station of Pakistan?

Chashma Nuclear Power Complex Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Karachi Nuclear Power Complex Khushab Nuclear Complex Multan Heavy Water Production Facility Pakistan Atomic Research Reactor Pakistan Nuclear Power Fuel Complex

What do thermal power station do for fuel?

(Geo)thermal power stations work by drilling a hole kilometers into the surface where the temperature is around 300 Cel.\n. \nThey then send water down the hole, and because of the almost instantaneous boiling, steam rises out at an enormous pressure which is used to drive the steam turbines which ( Full Answer )

Name two thermal power station of west Bengal?

bandel thermal power station kolaghat thermal power station cesc budge budge cesc cossipore cesc titagarh cesc southern avenue mejia thermal power plant(a unit of wbpdcl) durgapur power projects limited(durgapur) bakresware thermal power station farakka thermal power station(a unit of ntpc) sagadig ( Full Answer )

How electricity is made in thermal power stations?

In simple terms: The primary energy resource (coal, oil, gas, uranium, solar, etc..) is used to produce heat that transfers water into steam (heat Energy). The steam (the heat energy) is passed upon turbines and moving them (producing mechanical energy) which in turn moves the generators to produce ( Full Answer )

What are the future prospect of thermal power plant in Pakistan?

Powerplants that run on Natural gas does not hold a very bright future, as most of the Country's land transport relies heavily on Natural Gas, in addition to some of already installed power plants that run on the same fuel. If we look at the geographic distribution of the country's gas reservoirs, t ( Full Answer )

Which are investment thermal power station eklahara?

Is this the place you mean? In India There is also a big dam built just after the source of the river at Trimbakeshwar. The dam is in the town of Gangapur, which literally means a town on a river. The dam provides drinking water to the residents of Nashik and also supplies water to the thermal powe ( Full Answer )

List four benefits of using fossil fuels in thermal power stations?

There are several benefits of using fossil fuels as compared toother forms of fuel. Some benefits are that fossil fuels arereadily available in large quantity and are easy to process. Otherbenefits are that fossil fuels produce more energy and are cheaper.

List the names of thermal power stations?

There are hundreds! If you mean nuclear stations, in the US you can get a list from If you mean world wide, go to .

In India largest thermal power station is located at?

Hi There, India's largest thermal power station is located at Chandrapur in Maharashtra district. If in full production, it has capacity to produce electricity worth 2400 MW. Thanks, Abhijeet

What fuels are used in thermal power stations?

With the exception of nuclear power stations (which are classed as 'thermal'), all other 'thermal' power stations use combustible fuels, including coal (usually pulverised), oil, gas, wood-chips, etc. I visited a sugar plantation, in Indonesia, where the waste material (pulverised) from the processe ( Full Answer )

Why there is tripping given in vacuum in thermal power station?

Generally the condenser in the power plants are designed to operate under vacuum. The specific volume of the steam is relatively higher than water. The steam coming from the exhaust of the turbine is cooled by the circulating water and the non combustibles are removed by the air removing equipment l ( Full Answer )

What are the factors affecting the location of the thermal power stations?

The factors affecting the location of the (nuclear) thermal power stations are partially location in relationship to the grid, and mostly location in relationhip to the heatsink. An enormous amout of energy is generated by the nuclear reaction - in fact the typical efficiency of the nuclear to elect ( Full Answer )

Where is the largest thermal power station in NewZealand?

Since this question is in the "nuclear energy" category, I assume it relates to nuclear thermal reactor. To my knowledge there are no nuclear plants in New Zealand. It would make sense, however, for the question to refer to a geothermal plant and be in the wrong category. If that is the case, the th ( Full Answer )

Why water is necessary in thermal power stations?

Most nuclear power plants use thermal-neutron reactors. These reactors use what are called thermal or slow neutrons. Water us used in the reactor as a neutron moderator. This means that the water slows down the more energetic, or fast, neutrons. The slower neutrons are more able to cause atoms to un ( Full Answer )

What is the efficiency of a thermal power plant?

The efficiency of a power plant is usually measured as a ration of its electrical output to to amount of heat used, expressed as a percentage. So if we have a plant that has operates at 2000 mWt (thermal megawatts) to produce 600 mWe (electrical megawatts), its efficiency is 30%. Typical commercial ( Full Answer )

What is the advantage of thermal power station?

By definition, a thermal power station generates electricity utilising some form of heat source to produce steam. Steam provides the energy to drive turbines that,in turn, power the generators that produce electricity. In some cases, turbines and generators are built as integral units. What provi ( Full Answer )

Why you use cooling towers in thermal power station?

This is to cool the steam turbine condenser, where the steam outlet from the turbine's last stage is condensed before returning to the boiler feed pump inlets. The cooling towers circulate water that passes through tubes inside the condenser, separate from the steam/water in the boilers.

Why thermal power stations located in India?

the thermal power stations are not only located in India, they are located in the part of the world where there are coal reserves, India has large coal reserve located in various parts of M.P,C.G,JHARKHAND & KOLKATA,this is the reason behind the location of thermal power stations in India,as these s ( Full Answer )

Can alcohols be used in thermal power stations?

Alcohols can be burned to produce thermal energy, in the same way as petroleum products, but I doubt if it would be economical to do so. Oil fired power plants use the heavy end of the petroleum products, which is not suitable for making gasoline or diesel, and is therefore relatively cheap.

How many power stations have had leaks?

¥There was a leak of dangerous gas from Hinkley point B nuclear power station in 2004. . ¥In 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the Ukraine suffered a melt down. This led to 56 deaths. .

What is dearater in thermal power plant?

It removes the gases present in the steam,given by heaters.dearater is necessary otherwise the gases in steam will corrode the boiler and also affect the turbine.

What is tmcr in thermal power plant?

TMCR is the turbine maximum continous rating .It is that the maximum temperature , steam flow or the pressure that the turbine requires for generating full load

How water treatment in thermal power stations?

Water treatment for nuclear power stations is a complicated and specialist subject. They usually put corrosion inhibitors into the water. These differ from ones in coal and oil fired plants in that they must stand up to the radiation in the core, must not be converted into unacceptably radioactiv ( Full Answer )

What is thermal power unit?

A British thermal unit (Btu) is a standard unit of energy that is used in the United States and sometimes in the U.K. It represents the amount of thermal energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of pure liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit at the temperature at which water has its gre ( Full Answer )

What is APH in thermal power plant?

Air Preheaters (APH) are important equipments in modern thermal power stations. By preheating the combustion air with the hot flue gases coming out of the boiler, a considerable increase in efficiency is obtained.