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Daily is fine, or even every other day. Younger turtles should be fed more often than older ones. they can go a couple days without food and be fine, since they don't need all that energy to make body heat.

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How long should you keep a red-eared slider turtle in water?

They should have access to a source of water as well as a place to get out of the water at all times.

How many times can a red eared slider turtle lay eggs?

anywhere from two to twenty times per breeding season

Can you feed a red eared slider once a week?

Yes, you can feed an adult red-eared slider once a week (providing it is a large feeding). I've been feeding my red-eared slider once a week (every Sunday night) for a year or two now. However, recently I've decided to start feeding her two smaller feedings each week. She seems to be ravenously hungry at each feeding, and I suspect that by Friday or Saturday, she is uncomfortable and unhappy because she's just so hungry. So, yes, you can feed a red-eared slider once a week, but if they seem too hungry at each feeding, then you should probably switch to twice a week. Also, I wouldn't feed a juvenile turtle, and especially a hatchling, once a week. At that point they are supposed to be growing, so I think they really need to be fed at least two or three times a week.

How long can red eared sliders go without water?

No they cannot because they are very different than tortoises who can live without water but with turtles they are amphibious which means they HAVE TO HAVE WATER WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES.

Does your red eared slider turtle need a red eared slider turtle friend?

Your turtle doesn't necessarily need a friend, but they do enjoy interacting with other turtles. Before getting a friend you may want to consider: 2 adult red-eared sliders, especially if they are female will need a large aquarium at least 100 - 125 gallon. Tanks this size are pricey to buy and maintain so be sure you are ready to make that kind of investment. Understand your limits. A female can grow 10-13 inches while the males can grow 8 - 10 inches and they'll grow fast if you're taking care of them as you should. You may have to upgrade their home sooner than you think. Another thing to consider is filtration. Turtles are messy animals. If you are keeping multiple turtles you should have 3 times the filtration of a regular fish tank. So the filter that is marked for a 100 gallon tank is only ideal for a 30 - 40 gallons in a turtle tank. The larger the filtration system of course the more money it will cost. If you get 2 make sure they are the same sex. Baby turtles are cute, but you will likely find it overwhelming to care for them or find them new homes. Breeding is best left to the professionals. Turtles are awesome and rewarding pets just be sure you're ready for the responsibility of having more than one. And remember it's NEVER EVER OKAY TO RELEASE THEM INTO THE WILD.

How many live fish do you feed your baby snapper turtle and how often?

Not very many but i keep a lot in my cage at all times and he is a baby Red eared slider. He tares the fish up and eats some of them then leaves it and has a new one after a little bit.

Your neighbors gave you their turtles but don't know what type they are They're pretty small and have red ovals below their eyes What type of turtles are they and how do you take care of them?

That is probably a Red Eared Slider. I have one as well. They need a tank, about 30-50 gallons, which is QUITE expensive. They also need a spot to bask, like a rock or something. You need to have a light on the basking spot, called a basking lamp or heat lamp. THEN you need to have something called a UVA light. that can point anywhere in the tank and you need it at all times. If I were you, get like, 12 fish. Small goldfish though. ALSO you should have fake plants and real plants. Have rocks at the bottom of the tank. It will really help. The food you should get is ReptoMin BABY for aquatic newts, turtles, and frogs. Hope that helped you! P.S. REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS WHEN YOUR DONE HOLDING OR TOUCHING OR FEEDING YOUR TURTLE!

How many red ear slider turtles can live in a 10 gallon tank and is it possible to keep one in like a plastic container or tub if so how big should it be?

Only one, and sometimes a ten gallon tank isn't enough room. The tank should be 4-5 times the turtle length wise and 3-4 times the turtle in width. If you have more then one, each turtle should get that amount of space. The water should be 1.5 times deep for instance a 7 inch turtle would have water 10 inches deep.

Do turtles come out of there shell often?

it depends on the turtle you have but if they are comfortable with there surrounding they should peek out there shell a few times

How dangerous is a bite from a slider turtle?

not very they have bitten me many times

Can you leave your red eared slider turtle in a non filtered tank?

You don't need a filter for the tank. But if you don't have one, you will have to change the water every week, or every other week at least. When you have a filter -- like the Whisper filter -- you only have to change the water a few times a year.

How many times do you feed baby turtles?

this is not what i was looking forLessthanthree_Turtles :Depends on What Type of Turtle you're Talking about.For Red eared Sliders, Feed Them a Good Meal Every 2 Days. a Good Meal is feeding them untill they don't eat anymore.

How many times a week do baby turtles eat?

You should be feeding your turtle (baby or not) at least one or twice EVERYDAY.

How long can turtles go without eating?

Turtles should not go more than 1 day without eating. These animals have very sensitive systems that need food multiple times a day.

How do you get 2 red eared slider turtles to mate?

MatingTheme theme alone for a day or two and let them do it by themeselves. Keep the water at 4 inches max so the female can get a gulp of air without having to swim to the top therefore stopping the courtship. Hope I helped. Matingleave them alone and let them bond for a while, but it may take some time, be patient. Red ear sliders can be picky at times too. they may ignore each other for a while.

How many times does a turtle heart beat a minute?

Turtles have a very slow heart beat rate. While there are many types of turtles most turtles have a heart rate of 20 times per minute.

How long can turtles live without water?

As little as possible! Without knowing the situation surrounding your inquiry I can't give you a true estimate. Too many variables. Generally aquatic turtles should have access to water at all times.

Can you put your baby red ear slider turtle in a big tank with deep water?

Yes, that's fine. As long as the turtle has a floating dock to dry off on. Turtles need to dry off their shells a few times a day, or the shell will grow mold and fungus and become infected.

Can red eared sliders go for walks?

I have a red eared slider, I take her out on the yard to roam wild and free in the grass and plants, she loves it. I never leave her alone though because she is fast, and there are cats in my neighborhood that would probably love to eat her.. I also have cement blocks with holes in them, and she likes to try and go through them but gets stuck.. I've had her out for about an hour and a half before, she has a great time and loves burrowing under plants and leaves. Just make sure you stay with your turtle at all times when its out.

Do turtles eat their own poop?

Some times they do and it's normal.

What food habits do turtles have?

Depends on the species, i have had box turtles for many years and they are omnivores i'm almost positive all turtles are omnivores. Most turtles eat 2-3 times a week, or might eat a "light snack" once a day.

Can box turtles mate more than once?

Yes, a pair of box turtles may mate several times each mating season.

Do all turtles grow big?

All turtles grow to many times their hatchling and juvenile size, sea turtles grow quite large of course but the majority of currently sold pet turtles will also grow to sizes that are expensive to manage especially if female.

What are facts about the long eared jerboa?

the long eared jerboa is endangered ;it lives up to 2-3 years approximatly ;its latin name is Euchoreutes naso ;it can jump 12 times its height ;its hair covers most of its body

Are mud turtles good pets for children?

some times but not all the time

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