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As many times as you would like to! Gible never run out of stock.

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Q: How many times can you catch gible?
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Where can you catch a gible?

You can catch a gible by going to the secret entrance of Wayward Cave.

If you catched one gible can you catch anther?

yes you can catch another gible I caught 6 gibles

Where do you catch Gible?


Where do you catch a gible in HeartGold?

No the only way to get Gible, is to get him in a trade or the safari zone

How do you catch gible in Pokemon white version?

Gible cannot be caught in Black or White.

Were do you catch gible?

you must catch him in wayward cave i cnt help you with that.

How do you get Garchomp on pokemon diamond?

catch a gible

Where do you catch a gible on pokemon pearl?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave. (It's near Route 206)

Where do you catch gible in Pokemon platinum?

wayward cave

How do you get gible in Pokemon platinum?

There's A Cave Called Wayward Cave Under Bicycling Road,And That Where You Catch Gible.

Where is gible in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant catch gible in firered or leafgreen only on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum

How do you catch a gible in Pokemon dimond?

Gible appears in the wild in Wayward Cave (the cave underneath Cycling Road)

Where do you catch gibull on pokemon diamond?

Okay, so there is only one place in Sinnoh that you can catch Gible. You can catch Gible on Route 206 in Wayward Cave under the Cycling Route (Eternia to Oreburgh)

Where to find gible in Pokemon Pearl?

In pokemon pearl or diamond, the place you catch gible is under the cycling road on the back wall beside Wayward cave. To catch gible, the things that you will need are, the HM's strength, if you want it, flash and cut. You should use a dusk ball to catch it.

Where do you catch a gible?

I dont really know but i do know that you can catch a gabite in victory road.

How do you catch a gible in pokรฉmon diamond?

You can find a Gible in the Wayward Cave in Sinnoh. You can find it on B1F at all times (morning, day and night). You can find them between the levels 15-17 and it's rarity is uncommon.

How do you catch a gible in white2?

You cannot, you have to trade. The closest you could get in that addition in the generation is the shiny gible given in black 2

What level is gible when catch it in black?

Gible cannot be caught in the wild, therefore, you'll need to transfer it into the Transfer Lab or trade for it.

Where can you find Gabite?

You have to catch a Gible first and train it until it evolves.

How do you catch a gible in Pokemon platinum?

you use a ultra ballby tay

How can you catch a gible in Pokemon diamond?

its in the grass under the cycling road

Does ash catch a gible?

yes when i figure out what episode and season i will inform you

Will ash catch gible?

Yes, Ash offered Gible to join his team, and Gible accepts Gible's moves are: Dig Dragon Pulse Slash Draco Meteor It was caught in Pokemon episode DP157.

How do you catch gabite in Pokemon Indigo?

You cannot catch Gabite. Instead, catch a Gible at Route 119, and evolve it at level 24.

What do you do after you catch a gible?

Whatever you want. but with a Pokemon like that you should level it and evolve it.