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I believe it's George Lopez: Tall, Dark and Chicano

Yes Enrique Iglesias is on tour with Jennifer Lopez

it says in his official page that he was pay 12$millions per years for his show and 8.5$millions on tour for his comedy show!!

Lance Armstrong has ridden in the Tour 9 times.

Many, many times -- and they are headed there again for a national tour this October (2010).

0 times because nobody has run the tour de france

She has had one tour entitled "The Labyrinth" which was in 2010.

Nancy Lopez is a professional golfer. Her first full season on the LPGA Tour was in 1978.

three times that are known to the public

There have been 99 additions of the the Tour de France, starting in 1903. The 2013 Tour will be the 100th.

Professional golfer John Cook has won 11 times on the PGA Tour and 4 times on the Champions Tour.

The 2009 Buick Open was his 69th PGA Tour title.

The Grand Tour - George Jones album - was created in 1974-08.

once, in L.A. during a break in the Beatles U.S. tour. George met Elvis again backstage at an Elvis concert at Madison Square Garden.

She has a world tour to attend. We all knew this would happen.

A tour guide works on average 8 to 10 hours a day. At times, they may be required to work overnight depending on the type of tour they are leading.

He won three times; In 1986, 1989 and 1990.

He has won the a championship 100 times, 74 of them on the PGA tour.

France has won the tour 36 times. Anquetil and Hinault each have won five times, Leduqc and Bobet three times and some others have won 2 or 1 time.

George Carlin passed away on June 22, 2008, in Santa Monica California. There won't be a live tour it seems.

George Sampson Did Say That Justin Timberlake Was Intrested In Going On Tour With Him...It Has Also Been Said That Justin Wants George To Dance In Some Of His Next Music Videos.

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