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Mickey Mantle holds the American League record for games with home runs from both sides of the plate with 10. Ken Caminiti holds the National League record, also with 10. Eddie Murray holds the major league record with 11, 9 times in the American League and twice in the National League.

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Sure, that works.

What has changed since steroids has come into baseball?

about 10 times more homeruns than usual, lol

How do you perform a right-handed lay-up?

You bounce the ball 3 times from the right and then jump up and bounce the ball of the backboard into the net. (Hopefully)

How many home runs does Sammy Sosa get in a year?

This question seems pretty broad. If you are referring to his career highs, he hit 66 homeruns in 1998. He has hit over 60 homeruns three times in his career, but those years seem to be behind him. With injuries and old age catching up to him, he hit just 40 homeruns in 2003 and appears to be on a similar pace for 2004.

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How many times did Mickey Mantle strike out 4 times in a game?


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Was mickey mantle a pitcher?

Mickey Mantle played most of his career in center field, and played first base the final two seasons. He occasional played left, and right field and a couple of times at third, short, and second base. He never pitched but was a pitchers nightmare.

Who is James Loney?

James Loney is a professional Major League Baseball player who was a 1st-round draft pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2002 but was the 19th overall pick. He is a First Baseman but occasionally plays Right Field when needed. In his career he is batting .295. He has 477 career Hits and has scored 200 runs. He has 84 doubles and he has hit 45 Homeruns and he has driven in 265 RBIs. He got walked 151 times and struck out 211 times. In 2009 he batted .281. He had 162 hits and scored 72 runs. He had 25 Doubles and he hit 13 Homeruns and drove in 90 RBIs. He got walked 70 times and he struck out 68 times.

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Probably China or India since they have a billion people. Thus the biggest population times the chance of being left handed (which is roughly equal for each country) will give the largest number there! Actually, contrary to the answer above, people in China are taught to be right-handed even if they prefer their left, so there are absolutely no lefties.

Is Professor Moriarty right or left handed?

There is no specific mention of the handedness of Moriarty in any of the Holmes books. He is an infrequent character and seldom seen at the best of times. There is an indication that Doyle wished Moriarty to be the mirror image of Holmes - evil matching good, on the side of disorder where Holmes sought law and order - so it would be reasonable to assume Moriarty was the opposite handedness to Holmes. In "Was Sherlock Holmes Left-Handed? Or Spacial Intelligence and Creativity" Dalma Kalogiera-Sackellare postulated that Holmes was left handed based on his creativity, powers of observation and various artistic talents. This would imply a right handed Moriarty. This would be in line with Moriarty's mathematical abilities (Right handed, Mathematical- left brain) On the the other hand Moriarty was sinister, and this would imply left handed person who, in popular culture, would be malicious or evil.

How many homeruns in one game?

The most homeruns in one game by a single player is 4. This happened 15 times in MLB history. The most by a team in one game is 10 by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1987. The most by both teams in a single game is 12 which happened twice in 1995 and in 2002 by the same two teams, Detroit and Chicago.

How many times thicker is Earth's mantle than the thickest part of Earth's crust?

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What New York Yankees star struck out 1710 times in his career?

Mickey Mantle struck out 1,710 times in his career.

How many times thicker is the mantle than the crust of the Earth at the thickest point?

It's 29 times thicker

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In retrospect terms to what the roman Catholics say, no. Think about it beings of infinate powers such as god or the devil have no physical body's so they can't have hands. But what I can tell you is where this myth came from. Back in medieval times this was a saying used to discipline knights, when defending a sprile tower from attackers you had to be right handed for your sword to make contact on the invader, if you held the sword in your left hand it would bounce off the walls and you will be killed. But if the attacker was right handed his sword will hit the walls and not you so think about it now. In terms of defense left handed people will die but in terms of attacking they will be the survivors so hence where the term came from Leftys are the devil or the devil is Lefted handed. Hope this helps

What teammates hit home runs the most times in the same game?

mantle and maris

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they have tested it many times

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Well, in medieval times, if you were left handed, they considered you a devil.

Who is the best baseball player of all times?

alex rodriguez, babe Ruth or mickey mantle