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There is no way to.

2011-02-18 21:28:05
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How do you get pregnant on Sims 3 app?

Sadly, you can't. I've tried many times but failed. For the app, sims are not able to get pregnant. Sims can only be pregnant in the actual game (PlayStation or PC). Hope this answers your question!!

How many times on Sims 3 do you have to woohoo to get pregnant?

You don't woohoo, you try for a baby.

How many times dos your Sim have to get abducted by aliens in Sims 2 Pets for Gamecube before they become pregnant?

The answer is at lest 3 through 5 times person.Samual17:Can you get pregnant from being abducted 3 times in the sims 2 pets ps2? I have a gamecube, in the wii. But I would prefer PS2, So please message me in my board and tell me.________Samual17

How many times do boxers need to mate before they are pregnant?

it can take only once to get pregnant.

How many times can you be abducted in sims 2?

there isn't a limit. but if you make a male abducted enough times, he'll get pregnant and have alien babies lol

On the sims 2 double deluxe how many times do you have to try for baby before you get pregnant?

If you have the man start the woohoo it's more likely that the woman will get pregnant. Keep trying if it doesn't work, it will happen eventually. It will take lots of times (for some sims) but you will know when she's pregnant when you hear a baby like melody -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, it almost ALWAYS take 1 time for me... When they woohoo, you will know if she will become pregnant if during it, you see fireworks above the blanket.

How many times does a horse mate before it becomes pregnant?

Uh, once.

Can sims have kids on sims 2 pets for PC?

Yes they can!! people say that you can't but honestly you can!!! i have done it many times before hope this answers your question

How many sim days do you stay pregnant for in sims 2 ps2?

you can't get pregnant on Sims2 for PS2

How many days is a sim pregnant on Sims 3?

3 days ;)

In Sims 3 how many Sims can live in one household?

You can only have 8. However, if you have 7, and one of those Sims is pregnant with twins or triplets you can have more.

How many times can you install The Sims 3 before you have to buy a new one?

as long as you have the code that's on the user Manuel to my knowledge there inst a limit on how many times you can install/unstall.

How many times do you have to woohoo to get pregnant on the sims 2 GameCube?

You don't just WooHoo you have to makes sure both the Sims are happy and healthy. Then you take them to the bed press relax and it takes a while but it should say try for a baby.

How many times to any pregnant lady?

I think you are asking 'How many times do you have to have sex with a woman to get her pregnant?' The answer is: Maybe just once, maybe she will not get pregnant in 50 times; there is no simple answer.

How many days are you pregnant before you have the baby?

You are pregnant for 9 months before you have the baby.

How many times can you download The Sims 2 game on different computers?

As Many times as you want.

How many times does it take to breed before a dog is pregnant?

Depends on how "well" the male does "its work" and if the female allows him to.

How long is the okapi pregnant?

how many times can a okapi get pregnant

I am 17 i want to get pregnant?

i am 17 i want to get pregnant , how many times to have sex to get pregnant

On what sim games can you get pregnant?

prob down your local teenie boppers youll find many young sims willing to make you pregnant

How many times a year does the average pig get pregnant?

They can become pregnant three to four times a year!

How many times can you get your period before you know your pregnant?

usually if you get your period it means you're not pregnant. some women can have a normal period all through their pregnancy , but this is very rare

How many times does a cheetah get pregnant?

2 to 3 times

How many times can a dog get pregnant?

They can get pregnet as many times as the male wants (unfixed)

How many times can a chihuahua get pregnant?