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well it takes a millon times just kidding you cant try it for the pc. (computer) on there you make you sims have a high relation level use the bed,coatrack,or hot tub to have sex you will have a better chance in the bed. then you get a baby soon after. also males can have kids to all you need to do is bye a telascope and he will get upducted 3 days later h will come back and soon he will have a kid.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-22 18:54:43
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Q: How many times do you have to woo hoo for a baby on sims two for ps2?
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How many times do the Sims on Sims 2 for PS2 have to 'woo hoo' before they get pregnant?

There is no way to.

How do you make Sims woo hoo in The Sims 2 Deluxe?

If your Two sims are in Romance level (You know this if your sims can Make out) get both of your sims to relax in Bed by clicking on the bed and press Relax. Make sure both of your sims to do it. Then click on the sims you want to Woo Hoo with and press Woo Hoo or Try to have a Baby

On Sims 3 on the computer how do you have a baby?

on sims 3 to have a baby you must make your sims fall in love and then you can choose try for baby which will send you to bed with husband and you will then who- hoo and become pregnant!!!

Can teen sims woo hoo in sims 2?

No teen Sims cannot do woo hoo in Sims 2 only adults may do woo hoo.

How do you have babies on the sims social?

you can have babys but you either wait 9 months or 3 days depeneds on how many times you WOO HOO u should WOO HOO about 8 times a day or maybe more

How do you have kids in sims deluxe edition?

The two Sims have to be in love, then make them both relax on a bed and them make them woo-hoo or try for baby.

How do you have children after you get married in sims 3?

You have to "Whoo-Hoo"...Then the "Try for baby" option is available. However, u dont have to be married. U only have to be able to "Whoo-Hoo".

Can you have a baby on sims in the city for ps2?

no u cant. but u can on pc. on ps2 u can woo hoo

How do you whoo hoo on sims pets?

In the sims 2 pets on PC you can whoo hoo any regular old way. On the sims 2 pets ps2 you cannot whoo hoo at all.

Can you have a baby on the sims 1?

yes you need the love bed and you know woo hoo then sometimes they ask you SHOULD WE HAVE A BABY click yes if your ready

How do you have a baby on the Sims 2 psp?

i think u have to go buy a ring then give to sim then do woo hoo on bed

How do you do woo hoo on sims 2 ds?

You cant the sims 2 for ds is only for running a hotel if you wanna woohoo on sims 2 then it best you buy it for psp and PC but u can only have a baby on PC version

How do you woo hoo on Sims 3?

mostly the woo hoo is on the sims 3 so just type that in and follow the directions then it should be easy

Where can sims woo hoo in sims bustin out?

in the heart bed for 4 500 simoleans

How do you woo hoo a sim you just love on Sims 3?

the sims 3 is different from the sims 2, so you can't just have them "woohoo" randomly. you have to build up the mood. have your sims do different romantic interactions and eventually a "woohoo" and "try for baby" option will be available to you.

Can you have a baby on sims 2 pets if so how?

NO I don't know...I have a feeling that you can, many people have been saying (If you have a PS 2 and you have Sims 2 pets) that if you make out then hop in bed and click relax you might(It hasn't worked for me) get the choice of a 'Woo Hoo!' and then 'Try for a Baby' but it's never worked for me. But I may just be unlucky, you can also try the same thing with a hot tub, make out then hop in and click on woo hoo if it shows up and then try for a baby but I have tried both many times and it doesn't work, but give it a try (if you have PS 2)if it doesn't work, I can't help you, SORRY!!!

How do you have 10 children on Sims 2?

keep on doing woo hoo until she pops out that many

How do you get your TEENAGERS to woo-hoo and make a baby on the sims 2 PC?

Actually you can't. Maybe the reson is because it's illegal in the real life. ;)

Can you woo hoo on The Sims?

Yes. On the original Sims, there is a special bed you can by that will let know.

Sihow di you get BABIE in the sims 2?

Well you go click on your charactar and go to the bed and you press who-hoo and pause it then click on your mate and click on the bed then press whoo-hoo then it will suggest "try for baby" then click that and un pause the game

How do you WooHoo on The Sims 2?

well on sims 3 you just have to get them to relax in bed and you can do woo hoo or make a baby and loads of other actions - so im guessing its probably the same for sims 2- put them in bed and get them to "relax or nap" and see wat u can do!

Do sims bustin out woo hoo and have a baby?

no you cant make them whoo hoo in the in bustin out, but you can make them kiss alot!!!, and then the guy will say "do you want a baby?" then click yes or no but the babys on there are kinda gay casue you cant make them look like whatever you want , and they stay children ther whole lives lol

How do take the covers off sims?

whoo hoo

Can teens Woo hoo on the sims 3?


How do you have a baby on the sims 2 to ps2?

you have to make out and kiss and go to bed with the girl and the boy and make them cuddle and woo hoo alot of times but you do have to unlock a move you unlock it by getting asparation points by completing wants but the red wants take away points the move is called try for baby,do it alot of times then your girl sims will get fat let hir rest for a few days then she will here bells the she looks up then the green crystal go crazy and splits into to pices then the baby comes out but this is for the sims 2 original and for playstation 2 so sorry if you have it for anything else sorry hope this help